See the World From a New Perspective

astrology002The philosophical Sagittarius Moon expands our mental horizons, pushing us beyond our normal boundaries so we can see the world from a new perspective. We try to rationalize whatever we feel because the emotional Moon opposes logical Mercury. But Mercury is retrograde and our thoughts may not be able to stand up to close scrutiny. Luckily the Moon’s fiery trines to sensual Venus and physical Mars now can be a lovely distraction from any challenges.

Aries: This can be the part of the weekend you were waiting for and, fortunately, your patience should pay off. Even if you have chores, you’re likely to figure out how to successfully juggle them with more pleasurable activities as the Moon harmonizes with Venus and Mars, both in your enterprising sign. You may be required to answer to the voice of authority tomorrow, but don’t let that stop you from having a bit of fun today.

Taurus: Questioning your values isn’t a productive activity today, even if a disagreement over money makes you wonder if your priorities need to be rearranged. It feels as if whatever you choose, you’re revealing desires that are not as lofty or as altruistic as others. But comparing yourself to anyone else is pointless; everyone is different. Just be true to yourself in all that you do. If you don’t have integrity, your motives will seem artificially transparent.

Gemini: The Moon in your 7th House of Partners can indicate that others will show up today to encourage you to do more than you wish. The good news is that you might actually agree to someone else’s plan and feel revitalized because of what you accomplish. The bad news is that you might not be interested in taking on anything new and it puts you in an awkward position when you have to be the one to say no. It’s better to be honest now than sorry later.

Cancer: You may surprise yourself today because you are so willing to be involved in someone else’s plan that you aren’t worried about relinquishing control. You may even be eager to take your role as a passenger without trying to be a back seat driver. It really doesn’t matter much what activities are on the day’s itinerary. It’s just the act of doing something new and different now that makes you smile.

Leo: The Moon is in your playful 5th House today, just where you like it to be because you feel justified to pamper yourself. Whether you can find time to soak up some solar rays or take a mini-retreat to a day spa, do something that places you in a relaxing environment. Even a nature walk or a picnic in the park could be enough to recharge your batteries. For now, it really is all about you.

Virgo: Normally you’re the one who is able to do the critical thinking that others cannot. Unfortunately, you are probably not doing so well with careful analysis now, as things look better than they truly are. This isn’t to say that anything is specifically wrong, but be advised that you still might be happier relaxing at home today instead of making any important decisions. Even if you have work to do, give yourself permission to kick back and enjoy yourself.

Libra: Your idea of taking a day off may not include running around doing errands and keeping busy all day. Nevertheless, you might not have time to slow down as much as you want. Fortunately, your willingness to be flexible can be your secret weapon, allowing you to have a fine time while maintaining your hectic schedule. You can always do what you wish on another day.

Scorpio: You have big ideas about what you want to accomplish today, but you won’t make as much progress as you want if you try to do too much. Your energy level is high, giving you the impetus to start off quickly, but you could burn through your reserves faster than you expect. Even if you feel like the energizer bunny, it’s wiser for you to act like the slow and steady tortoise if you want to make it to the finish line.

Sagittarius: It’s hard for you to contain your enthusiasm today, even if you know that it cannot last. You may already be aware that you have some tough issues to deal with next week, but that just makes you want to have some fun right now while you can. Don’t feel guilty about being spontaneous, even if you are shirking your responsibilities. They will still be there when you return, rejuvenated from your enjoyable activities.

Capricorn: Hiding your optimism might be your way of underplaying your hand today. If others know how good you are feeling, then they might expect more from you. But if they don’t see that glint in your eye, you believe that you can get away with more than you might otherwise. Your logic may be correct, but you’ll still have more fun if you just let the good times roll without trying to keep quiet.

Aquarius: This can be a socially uplifting day as others include you in their plans. But it can get somewhat complicated if there are overlapping events. Remember, you cannot be in two places at once, even if you want to maximize the fun. Making choices early in the day will remove some of the stress that can arise when you attempt to juggle too much. No matter how great it all looks, keep in mind that less may truly be better than more.

Pisces: You might have the mother hen syndrome today as you look at others around you and realize that they need your help. But even if your intentions are good, you should examine your motives for wanting to save every lost soul and cure every sick puppy. Being proactive in service is admirable if you are coming from a place of compassion. But if you are seeking attention or approval now, then your assistance may not be as useful as you think.


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