Your Horoscope Today

star001The emotional power of the Scorpio Full Moon at 12:01 am EDT hangs heavy all day. Our complex needs are contrasted by the practical Taurus Sun pulling us back to basics. We long to indulge our desires as the Moon squares opulent Jupiter midday; nevertheless, our need for stability brings us to our senses. It’s hard, though, to maintain balance and the Moon’s entry into free-spirited Sagittarius at 9:49 pm EDT fires up another round of fantasies.

Aries: One sure way to get your adrenaline pumping today is to listen to your inner voice that tells you what you really want. But you must be careful; although this can be an exciting game to play, you need to know when to stop. There are some desires that are better left unexpressed and it’s easy for you to talk yourself into doing something now that’s not really such a smart idea.

Taurus: Normally, you’re quite capable of managing your time and resources, but you could make an error in judgment today. Your energy may be stretched so it feels like you can’t finish everything you started. Unfortunately, you might not notice how overcommitted you are until it’s too late to do much about it. Nevertheless, it’s still a smart idea to reset your goals as soon as you realize your mistake.

Gemini: You are very aware of the impact that your daily routine has on your health, giving you cause to wonder what you could do to make a positive change. You probably aren’t willing to turn your entire lifestyle inside out all at once. But you should be able to do something that rejuvenates you without adding to the chaos. Even a minor upgrade to your exercise program or a small modification in your diet can be enough to make you feel better now.

Cancer: You may be taking a relationship way too seriously as you transform a casual yet enjoyable encounter into a full-blown romance. But it’s not just a matter of changing your mind to lighten your emotional weight now, for your feelings are not within the realm of conscious control. Instead of trying to alter what’s in your heart, just let it flow. But remember it’s currently wiser to observe your emotions without acting on every one.

Leo: You are easily misled by someone who talks big and acts confidently. It’s not that you are gullible; you tend to trust others now if they appear to know what they are doing. Exercise caution by doing extra research and investigating a little further than usual prior to making any promises. Withholding your feelings may be a good move until you are certain about what’s really going on.

Virgo: You may have such a great idea today that you get carried away by your own grandiose thinking. No matter how hard you try, your perspective is warped as you talk yourself into believing your own story. Fortunately, you can minimize the problems that might arise from inflating a perfectly good plan into one so overextended that it falls apart. Just wait until next week when you receive the reality check you need.

Libra: You might need to pay extra attention to your wallet, for spending money on a pleasurable activity could be so attractive today that you are tempted to say yes before thinking it through. If you are uncertain about your choice, ask a close friend or financial adviser for a second opinion. Luckily, once you involve someone else in the analysis, it will be quite clear whether or not you can afford the luxuries you desire.

Scorpio: Time may be running out, making you painfully aware of how much you currently have on your plate. You might need to turn down a social invitation from your partner or a friend so you can finish a project you already started. It’s better to be a bit frustrated now by delaying the fun than to be fighting an impossible deadline in a few days.

Sagittarius: Even if you scheduled a weekend filled with fun, it may not happen exactly as you planned, making it difficult to get social activities off the ground until later in the day. Part of your problem is that your poor judgment encourages you to take on more than you can handle now. It’s less stressful for you and more considerate of others when you set your limits before making any promises, not after.

Capricorn: You have so much to do at home now that it’s hard to be able to relax. Going out with your friends is one way to combat the tension that arises from being too close to your family now. On the other hand, avoiding an uncomfortable discussion won’t solve anything. Delaying the inevitable just makes the required conversation even harder to initiate. If possible, do something social but leave time for resolving personal issues, too.

Aquarius: You want to be the go-to person today and may be hurt if others ask for someone else’s help first. But your motives may not be clear. You could be less interested in being of service than you are in escaping from your own problems. Luckily, no matter what your reasons are now, you can still accomplish a lot of good in your community and be of assistance to those you love.

Pisces: It may be time to make an important decision if you have been dreaming about going back to school to study something completely different from your current interests. You might have to come to terms with the unrealistic nature of your goals. But instead of throwing your plans away, you could modify them to bring them into alignment with your real world responsibilities. Bring your vision down to earth and it will be easier to manifest.


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