Virgoan Freddie Mercury

Frontman and lead singer of the legendary rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury had a vocal range of 4 octaves. He is remembered for his powerful vocal abilities and charisma as a live performer. Freddie Mercury was born Farrokh Bulsara in Stone Town on the African island of Unguja (the largest island of the Zanzibar archipelago – at the time a British colony, now part of Tanzania). His parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsara, were Indian Parsis, descendents of 10th century Persian Zoroastrians immigrants in India. The family had emigrated to Zanzibar in order for Bomi to continue his job as a middle-ranking cashier at the British Colonial Office. Mercury had one younger sister, Kashmira. His parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsara, sent him off to a private school in India, St. Peter’s boarding school near Bombay (now Mumbai). It was at St. Peter’s where he learned to play the piano and joined his first band, The Hectics. He stayed in India for most of his childhood, living with his grandmother and aunt. Mercury completed his education in India at St. Mary’s High School in Mazagon before returning to Zanzibar, from 1955 til 1963.

After a revolution in Zanzibar, he and his family were forced to flee to England, where he pursued a Diploma in Art and Graphic Design at Ealing College of Art. In 1964, while he was only 17, Freddie and his family fled to England as a result of the 1964 Zanzibar Revolution. After moving to England, Mercury became a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Mercury said of Hendrix: “Jimi Hendrix is very important. He’s my idol. He sort of epitomizes, from his presentation on stage, the whole works of a rock star. There’s no way you can compare him. You either have the magic or you don’t. There’s no way you can work up to it. There’s nobody who can take his place.” Another of Mercury’s favorite performers was singer and actress Liza Minnelli. In a 1975 interview, he says of Minnelli: “Liza, in terms of sheer talent, just oozes with it. She has sheer energy and stamina, which she gets across the stage, and the way she delivers herself to the public is a good influence. There is a lot to learn from her.”
In 1966, in England, he started his education at the Ealing College of Art, Department of Art and Graphic Design, where he graduated in 1969. He loved art, and because of that, he often went along with his friend Tim Staffell, who played in a band called Smile. Also in this band where Brian May and Roger Taylor.
When Staffell left the band in 1970, Freddie became their new singer. He changed the band’s name into Queen, and they took on a new bass-player in February 1971, called John Deacon. Their first album, “Queen”, came out in 1973.
As a songwriter, he composed many international hits, including Killer Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, We Are the Champions, Bicycle Race, Don’t Stop Me Now, and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Released his first solo album, “Mr. Bad Guy”, in 1985. Freddie Mercury was of full Parsi descent, grew up in India, and moved to the UK when he was only 17. Consequently, he was arguably the world’s first Indian rock star.
Mercury used his design skills in order to design Queen’s famous crest using his and his fellow band mates’ birth signs: Two lions for Roger and John (Leo), a crab for Brian (Cancer), and two fairies for himself (Virgo).
Widely considered as one of the greatest vocalists in popular music, Freddie Mercury possessed a very distinctive voice. Although his speaking voice naturally fell in the baritone range, his singing voice was that of a tenor. His recorded vocal range spanned nearly four octaves (falsetto included), with his lowest recorded note being the F below the bass clef and his highest recorded note being the D that lies nearly four octaves above. In addition to vocal range, Mercury often delivered technically difficult songs in a powerful manner. However, due in part to the fact that he suffered from vocal nodules (for which he declined surgery), he would often lower the highest notes during many concerts. Mercury also claimed that he never had any formal vocal training.
As a songwriter, Mercury wrote ten out of the seventeen songs on Queen’s Greatest Hits album, including Seven Seas of Rhye, Killer Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy, We Are the Champions, Bicycle Race, Don’t Stop Me Now, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and Play the Game. However, by the 1980s, all four members of the band were writing hits. The most notable aspect of his songwriting involved the wide range of different genres that he used, which included, among other styles, rockabilly, heavy metal and disco. Compared to many rock songwriters, many of Freddie Mercury’s songs were musically complex. As an example, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is acyclic in structure and comprises nearly sixty chords. On the other hand, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is made up of only a few chords. Despite the fact that Mercury often wrote very intricate harmonies, he claimed that he could barely read music.
Although all four members of the band Queen were songwriters, producer Gary Langan, who worked in the studio with Queen on many of their early albums, notes that “Freddie was always intensely supportive of other people’s songwriting and would give as much attention to one of the other’s as he would to his own. It was so unlike other bands I’ve worked with where there is an acknowledged songwriter and anyone else who writes one really has to hassle to get it anywhere.” Mercury wrote most of his songs on the piano, often choosing keys that were technically difficult for band mate and guitarist Brian May (e.g. E flat major). Although he possessed only rudimentary skills on the guitar, Mercury wrote many lines and riffs for the instrument, including many of those heard in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” He also wrote “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” on the guitar. In addition to his work with Queen, Mercury produced two solo albums, Mr. Bad Guy and Barcelona, released in 1985 and 1988, respectively. The former was a pop-oriented album that emphasized disco and dance music. “Barcelona” was recorded with the opera singer Montserrat Caballé, whom Mercury had long admired. Although it remained on the UK Album Charts for 23 weeks, “Mr. Bad Guy” was not considered to have been a commercial success relative to most Queen albums. However, in 1993, a remix of “Living On My Own”, a single from the album, reached the #1 position on the UK Singles Charts. The song remained on the charts for thirteen weeks and garnered Mercury a posthumous Ivor Novello Award. All Music critic David Prato descibes “Mr. Bad Guy” as “outstanding from start to finish” and expressed his view that Mercury “did a commendable job of stretching into uncharted territory.” In particular, the album was heavily synthesizer-driven in a way that was uncharacteristic of previous Queen albums.
“Barcelona”, recorded with opera singer Montserrat Caballé, combined elements of popular music and opera. Caballé considered the album to have been one of the great successes of her career and said of Mercury, “He was not only a popular singer, he was a musician, that could sit at the piano and compose. He discovered a new way to bring different music styles together. He is the first and only person to have done this.” In September of 2006, a compilation album featuring Mercury’s solo work was released in the UK in honour of what would have been his sixtieth birthday. The album debuted in the top 10 of the UK Album Charts.
Over the years, rare Freddie Mercury solo albums have greatly increased in value. For instance, a Japanese single of the song “Guide Me Home” from the Barcelona album is now worth as much as £1,000 ($1,800). Another valuable item is a 1973 cover of the 1969 Beach Boys song, I Can Hear Music recorded under the stage name Larry Lurex. Widely bootlegged, the original record is now a valuable collectible.
Mercury collaborated with Michael Jackson on some tracks which were never officially released, including “There Must Be More To Life Than This” and “State of Shock”, which were both leaked to the internet. Mercury also recorded another track with Michael Jackson called “Victory” that has yet to be released to the public. The latter song, released on the 1984 Victory album, was ultimately performed by Mick Jagger and The Jacksons. Mercury was originally scheduled to appear on the Thriller album as well.
A Royal Mail stamp called the Millennium Stamp commemorated the life of Freddie Mercury. The stamp caused controversy because Queen drummer Roger Taylor could be seen in the background. At that time, members of the British Royal family were the only living people who usually appeared on stamps in the UK, although this policy has since changed. (The tradition had been broken decades earlier, in 1967 with a stamp for Sir Francis Chichester who had sailed around the globe solo.)
Mercury kept his Indian descent a secret from most of his fans, rarely mentioning his heritage in interviews. He would sometimes refer to himself as “Persian,” perhaps alluding to his identity as a Parsi. Many friends expressed their view that Mercury felt ashamed of his ethnic origins and feared racial backlash in a country that had long been troubled by race riots and violence against Indian immigrants. On the other hand, fellow band mate Roger Taylor suggested that Mercury downplayed his heritage simply because he did not feel that it would fit well with his rock musician persona.
The 1999 Millennium Poll, in which six hundred thousand Britons participated, he was voted into the number 14 and 15 spots as a popular musician and songwriter, respectively.
Mercury ranked at No. 58 in the 2002 list of “100 Greatest Britons”, sponsored by the BBC and voted for by the public.
Two of Mercury’s songs, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Are The Champions” have each been claimed, in separate polls, as the world’s favourite song. Most recently, an Ericsson poll of six hundred thousand people in sixty-six different countries found “We Are The Champions” to be the world’s most popular tune. This contradicts another major poll by Guinness World, which had previously found “Bohemian Rhapsody” to be the world’s most popular song of the past 50 years.
The online music community at DigitalDreamDoor has consistently placed him at the number one position on a list of the 100 greatest rock vocalists.
In a list of the greatest English language singers of the 20th century, compiled by BBC Radio, he was the highest-ranked hard rock vocalist, having been voted at the tenth spot. He also came in second in MTV’s list of the 22 greatest singers of the past 25 years.
In 2006, Time Asia magazine voted Mercury as one of the most influential Asians in the past 60 years.
Rock star David Bowie, who recorded the song “Under Pressure” with Queen and performed said song (together with the remaining members of Queen and Annie Lennox) at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, said of Mercury: “Of all the more theatrical rock performers, Freddie took it further than the rest”. – “He took it over the edge. And of course, I always admired a man who wears tights. I only saw him in concert once, and as they say, he was definitely a man who could hold an audience in the palm of his hand. He could always turn a cliche to his advantage.”
Opera singer Montserrat Caballé, who collaborated with Mercury on the Barcelona album said of him, “The difference between Freddie and almost all the other rock stars was he was selling the voice.”
Pop star Robbie Williams, who has performed with two of the remaining members of Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor, was quoted as saying, “Freddie, if you’re out there and you want to choose any artist to channel your work, please give me an album, or at least a middle eight.”
Comedian Mike Myers, whose movie Wayne’s World introduced “Bohemian Rhapsody” to a new generation of listeners, said of Mercury, “He had theatricality, he was larger than life, new, fresh, cool. This is a god that walks as man.”
Rock singer Rob Halford said of Mercury, “I was deeply saddened when I heard Freddie passed away. A great performer, a great voice, a great musician was lost to the world. Thank God we have the music to listen to forever.”
“I watched him, and I watched him die, and it was so painful for me, because I really loved Freddie Mercury, the way that he just truly went with his voice.” Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.
Although singer Axl Rose (of Guns N’ Roses) has long been criticised by gay activists, he was apparently a devoted Freddie Mercury fan. He has been quoted as saying, “If I didn’t have Freddie Mercury’s lyrics to hold on to as a kid, I don’t know where I would be. It taught me about all forms of music. It would open my mind. I never really had a bigger teacher in my whole life.” Rose also performed “We Will Rock You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” with Elton John at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.
Freddie Mercury was the one rock star mentioned in singer Kurt Cobain’s alleged suicide note (1994): “I haven’t felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music along with reading and writing for too many years now. I feel guilty beyond words about these things. For example, when we’re backstage and the lights go out and the manic roar of the crowds begins, it doesn’t affect me the way in which it did for Freddy Mercury who seemed to love, relish in the love and adoration from the crowd, which is something I totally admire and envy.”

freddiemercury_maryaustin001Freddie Mercury had a very close girlfriend named Mary Austin for many years. In the end of his relationship with Austin, the two remained close friends through the years, and Mercury often referred to Austin as his only true friend. In a 1985 interview, Mercury said of Austin, “All my lovers asked me why they couldn’t replace Mary (Austin), but it’s simply impossible. The only friend I’ve got is Mary, and I don’t want anybody else. To me, she was my common-law wife. To me, it was a marriage. We believe in each other, that’s enough for me. I couldn’t fall in love with a man the same way as I have with Mary.”

Mercury claimed to have tested negative in an interview published in 1987, and continued to deny that he had AIDS. Despite these denials, the British press continued to pursue the rampant rumours about Mercury’s health. The rumours were likely fuelled by Mercury’s appearance in the last years of his life: he appeared increasingly gaunt, particularly in his last appearance on film, the These Are the Days of Our Lives promo video, which suggested serious illness.On November 22, 1991, Mercury called Queen’s manager Jim Beach over to his Kensington home, to discuss a public statement. The next day, November 23, 1991, the following announcement was made to the press:

 “Following the enormous conjecture in the press over the last two weeks, I wish to confirm that I have been tested HIV positive and have AIDS. I felt it correct to keep this information private to date to protect the privacy of those around me. However, the time has come now for my friends and fans around the world to know the truth and I hope that everyone will join with my doctors and all those worldwide in the fight against this terrible disease. My privacy has always been very special to me and I am famous for my lack of interviews. Please understand this policy will continue. ”

A little over 24 hours after issuing the statement, Freddie Mercury died at the age of 45. The official cause of death was bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS. Although he had not attended religious services in years, Mercury’s funeral was conducted by a Zoroastrian priest. He was cremated at Kensal Green Cemetery, and the whereabouts of his ashes are unknown, although some believe them to have been dispersed into Lake Geneva, or in his family’s possession. The remaining members of Queen founded The Mercury Phoenix Trust, and organised The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. He left £500,000 to his chef, £500,000 to his personal assistant, £100,000 to his driver, and £500,000 to his partner, Jim Hutton. Mary Austin, his life-long friend, inherited the estate and now lives there with her family.

Freddie Mercury Birth Chart
Born Farrokh Bomi Bulsara on September 5, 1946, time uncertain, most sources give 12:00 PM or 5:10 AM, Sagittarius rising, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania 39E20 6S10. Noon Positions AEDT, Sun in Virgo 11°52′, Moon in Sagittarius 27°19′, Mercury in Virgo 2°36′, Venus in Libra 28°04′, Mars in Libra 16°58′, Jupiter in Libra 26°03′, Saturn in Leo 4°03′, Uranus in Gemini 21°34′, Neptune in Libra 7°24′, Pluto in Leo 12°20′, Eris in Aries 5°22′R. Freddie Mercury passed away on November 24, 1991, London, England, UK.
Both Ascendant and Moon in fire (Sagittarius) make Freddie active, energetic, and excitable. Moon in Sagittarius likes to explore and take chances. Sun and Mercury in Virgo make him more serious, dedicated, and conservative than he appears on the surface.The Sun gives him a liking for duty, perfection and detail and Mercury gives him literary and musical skill. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter in Libra make him very musical, artistic, and fashionable as well.Freddie Mercury likes to socialize and party. His best opportunities for advancement come through partnerships and unions. Saturn in Leo makes him somewhat domineering and arrogant, but a fine leader and performer.Uranus in Gemini endows versatility and communicative ability and makes him a literary rebel. Neptune in Libra gives him and his generation a weakness or need for beauty, peace, and companionship. Pluto in Leo gives him and his generation a desire to fully explore their creative potential.

Virgoan Jackson, Diaz, Reeves


Sign of the month Virgo has the symbol of ‘The Virgin’, but the similarity ends there itself. People born under the zodiac sign of Virgo are very devoted to their families. They are not much talkative and mostly stand away from a crowd. However, they will be noticing even the smallest detail. The typical Virgo personality traits include perfectionism. Everything around him has to be just perfect. He is one of those who prefer carrying the exact amount of change for the bread, rather than asking the shopkeeper for a change. He is not much of a party bird, because he basically dislikes crowd. Virgos live in the real world. They neither day­dream, nor wish on stars. One look at them and you will feel that they are overburdened with some worries. However, worrying symbolizes their characteristic profile. Infact, Virgo seems to be on the lookout for it. A Virgo is very conscious of his looks and he will spend hours in front of the mirror getting the crease on his trousers just right. Everything about him has to be perfect, right from the clothes to the perfume. Virgos have this peculiar habit of taking on more work that they can easily manage. Then, they strain themselves beyond limits, often leading to frayed nerves. They may look pretty cool on the outside, but inside, they will be extremely anxious. One thing you can be sure of while dealing with a Virgo, he is totally dependable and sincere. He may lie once in a while, especially when he doesn’t want to go somewhere or do something. However, the lie will be totally harmless. A Virgo is highly critical of the people around him. Everything related to him, including his lover, has to go through his forever-analyzing eyes.

He is finicky about cleanliness, cannot tolerate lazy behavior, hates procrastination and is never blind to flaws and faults, even of his loved ones. He is also quite particular about each and every detail. However, that does not mean Virgos do not have a humorous side. It’s just that as they hate impropriety, they also cannot tolerate sloppiness. If such things do some across them, they become irritable and snappy. However, composure, patience, caring attitude and endurance define their true personality. He may criticize you for your faults, but if you are in trouble, he will be the first person to help you fix up everything. Don’t mention a Virgo’s overly critical attitude in front of him; he will be the first one to deny it. He also seems to be totally blind to his own faults. Virgos have this habit of not being able to sit at the same place for too long and turning restless easily. If you are in love with a Virgo, remember that Virgos express their love with subtleness. You won’t see them shouting ‘I Love You’ from the rooftop. However, that doesn’t mean they are less dedicated than any other sun signs. They are just not able to express themselves fully and lack demonstrativeness. As much as a Virgo likes to help others, he finds it very difficult to accept favors. He likes to be self-dependent and hates to take obligations. He won’t spend too much money on himself, but will be extravagant in case of his loved ones or for those who are in need. In such a case, don’t waste the money or he will be hurt. As far a Virgo’s critical nature is concerned, remember that it’s just his nature. He was just born to notice even the slightest of faults. Infact, A Virgo is the most critical about himself. At the same time, he is very punctual and will not take lateness too lightly. To him, time is of extreme importance. Virgos like small, helpless creatures as much as they like honesty, punctuality, savings, caution and vigilance. They are like the true individualists who have their own, secret way of making the heart memorize.


Virgoan Michael Jackson
Born Michael Joseph Jackson on Aug. 29, 1958 time uncertain Gary, Indiana, USA 87W21 41N36. American music legend and performer who began as part of the successful family music group The Jackson 5, later the Jacksons (1966-1990), and who later went solo and conquered the world music scene with his Thriller album in 1982-83. Michael is a strict vegetarian and humanitarian who has transcended racial barriers and who has given of himself unselfishly to the world. He died unexpectedly from cardiac arrest as a result of a drug overdose applied by his personal physician on June 25, 2009. He will be missed by us all. Noon positions CDT, Sun in Virgo 5°50′, Moon in Pisces 11°04′, Mercury in Leo 25°33’R, Venus in Leo 16°41′, Mars in Taurus 21°54′, Jupiter in Libra 28°29′, Saturn in Sagittarius 19°09′, Uranus in Leo 13°29′, Neptune in Scorpio 2°34′, Pluto in Virgo 2°09′, Eris in Aries 9°34’R.

With Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo, great entertainer Michael Jackson was a very intense and exceptional individual who worked extremely hard and who continuously strived for perfection. Virgos are humble and shy people who live by example showing their love and appreciation through their works and services. Mercury, Michael’s ruler, is in Leo, the sign of show and entertainment, and this is where he will express his core being and thoughts. Mercury here is proud, playful, creative, and very childlike. Venus and Uranus are also in Leo adding resolve, endurance, style, originality, genius, and excitement to his performances. Venus here wants the best and can be very lavish or spendthrift. They are also very generous, playful, affectionate, and possessive. Uranus in Leo breaks rules and records and sets new standards in entertainment. The Leo emphasis in Jackson’s chart is also why he gets along with children so naturally. Moon in Pisces is very shy, sweet, and sensitive, as well as musical and artistic. It is a nice balance to the otherwise overly critical or exacting nature of Virgo. This Moon also produces natural singers and dancers and filmakers and photographers.

Mars in Taurus is the earthy, sensual, and practical side of Michael. You can see this placement when he flares his nostrils -just like a bull! This placement also gives Michael his powerful voice and solid dance moves and his ability to both make and spend lots of money. Jupiter in Libra is a beautiful side of Michael -the perfect host, judge, mediator, and prince or companion. These people are very just or fair and do well as artists, musicians, lawyers, and partners of all kinds. They are very beauty-concious and like to dress fashionably and be that knight in shining armor. Saturn in Sagittarius is both the wild and spiritual side of Jackson. They suffer many moral hardships and go on to become master teachers and even preachers. They have a solid and enduring faith and see life as a series of spiritual lessons. They also make good sportsmen, hunters, explorers, adventurers, travelers, publishers, nature people, and animal caretakers. Uranus in Leo people are brilliantly creative actors and dramatists, see themselves as heroes of the people, and believe in free love and affection. Neptune in Scorpio is subtle, secretive, passionate, and intense, with a natural interest in the dark mysteries of life such as sex, death, and the paranormal. Pluto in Virgo is highly critical or analytical and goes to extremes in work, diet, health, and environmental issues.


Virgoan Cameron Diaz
Born Cameron Michelle Diaz on Aug.30, 1972, time uncertain San Diego, California, USA, 117W09 32N43, Sagittarius or Leo rising, uncertain. Actress, model starring in such films as The Mask (1994), My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997), Something About Mary (1998), and Charlie’s Angel’s (2000/04). Noon Positions PDT, Sun in Virgo 7°29′, Moon in Taurus 27°40, Mercury in Leo 20°32′, Venus in Cancer 21°43′, Mars in Virgo 10°01′, Jupiter in Sagittarius 28°32′, Saturn in Gemini 19°36′, Uranus in Libra 16°12′, Neptune in Sagittarius 2°34′, Pluto in Libra 1°58′, Eris in Aries 13°04’R. Ascendant in Sagittarius or Leo (uncertain) gives Cameron her attractive golden look. Mercury also in Leo gives her a proud, creative, and commanding mentality as well as adding youthfulness to her appearance. Behind the glamorous facade is Sun and Mars conjoined in Virgo -or a practical, down to earth girl, who is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She’s a tireless worker who will do much to help others but must watch her tendency to nit pick and criticize. Moon in Taurus makes her even more down to earth and sensual with a good buisness sense. She can also be a good singer and dancer. Venus in Cancer gives her maternal skills and an appreciation of home and family life. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the eternal student and philosopher who is continually travelling and broadening her horizons. She is very good-natured, and honest, and loves animals and the outdoors and sporting events. Saturn in Gemini is curious about everything and enjoys sharing ideas and experiences verbally or in writing. Uranus in Libra is an attractive placement interested in relationships based on friendship and sharing. Neptune in Sagittarius can’t get enough of travel and learning about new cultures and philosophies. Pluto in Libra wants deep and permanent relationships.

keanureeves001Virgoan Keanu Reeves
Born Keanu Charles Reeves on Sep. 2, 1964, 5:41 AM EET in Beirut, Lebanon, 35E30 33N53. Actor, musician, best known for his role in Speed (1985) and The Matrix series (1999-2003). Sun in Virgo 9°42′, Moon in Cancer 16°19′, Mercury in Virgo 9°58’R, Venus in Cancer 23°55′, Mars in Cancer 21°49′, Jupiter in Taurus 25°52′, Saturn in Pisces 1°02’R, Uranus in Virgo 10°24′, Neptune in Scorpio 15°26′, Pluto in Virgo 13°50′, Eris in Aries 11°03’R, Ascendant in Virgo 14°54′, MidHeaven in Gemini 13°28′.

Virgo rising with Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto conjunct give Keanu his humble but special persona. It also makes him an extreme perfectionist and service-oriented individual. He enjoys working hard and testing the limits of his endurance. He is very observant, analytical, self-willed, and profound, and is constantly seeking to transcend the limitations of his time and place. Moon in Cancer is very emotional, intuitive, and security concious. This person needs to take care of others. Venus and Mars also conjoined with the Moon in Cancer further enhance his sensitivities and desires to nurture or protect. This man needs a home and family life and a woman who will mother him. He is into housing and real estate and restaurants and museums. He is also a collector and historian. Jupiter in Taurus is a good buisness placement. This person is lucky with money and acquiring property or possessions. Saturn in Pisces is a very sensitive, shy, and sacrificing position. They like to be alone a lot to recharge, reflect, or meditate. Uranus in Virgo is into alternative health, education, and technology. These people are good with computers. Neptune in Scorpio is a generation of researchers into sex, death, and occult mysteries. Pluto in Virgo is a generation concerned with purity, health, and the environment.

Famous Virgoans
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Aug 29 Michael Jackson
Aug 23 River Phoenix
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Aug 25 Sean Connery
Aug 28 Shania Twain
Aug 24 Steve Guttenberg
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Sep 09 Adam Sandler
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Sep 04 Wes Bentley

Leonian Penn, Theron, Slater


Sign of the month Leo is independent but they need something to control and someone to admire them and appreciate them. The zodiac sign of Leo has the symbol of ‘The Lion’. They are fully capable of being successful on their own but they are much happier if they have an audience and a following of people who look up to them. They would prefer not be alone. People are attracted to Leo’s zest for life and their warm spirit. They have the ability to lift up one’s spirits and provide encouragement when times are rough. Their enthusiasm attracts people, Leos are social butterflies, not because they want to be but because people always naturally gravitate and surround the Leo. Leos are very difficult people to not like, they are usually fairly balanced, realistic people. They never dwell on the past and they will think you are strange if you do. Some Leos might be too caught up in themselves and be very self-centered but they are never too self-absorbed to help anyone who needs it. They pamper their friends and treat them well. A Leo is the ultimate friend. They do not hold a grudge and they are very forgiving. They have respect and understanding of people’s differences. They are in love with their pride and ego and fiercely protect what they believe to be theirs. The lion loves to give advice on how you should manage your life and feels himself to be superior to others. However, his ego is very vulnerable and he will get deeply hurt if you don’t respect his wisdom.


Leonian Sean Penn
Born on August 17, 1960, Burbank, California, US. The idea of being Madonna’s favorite boy toy may have had its appeal, but it grew old for actor Sean Penn (they married in 85 and divorced in 89). Occasionally slugging it out with photographers and film extras has gotten Penn into plenty of trouble, but luckily for worldwide audiences, he seems to have outgrown his bad-boy ways and settled into some serious acting (not to mention a serious relationship and a family with actress Robin Wright Penn). While early flicks such as Bad Boys and Fast Times at Ridgemont High got Penn noticed, its the actors impassioned performances in Dead Man Walking, The Thin Red Line and Mystic River that have earned him critical raves. What do the stars foretell for our favorite bad boy?Born under a Leo Sun, Penn simply has to be the boss. This may have been the big problem in his marriage to Madonna, since shes also a Leo with a yen for dominance. Penn has to be in control and hes going to be a loudmouth while hes at it. True to his Leo Sun, the actor is much the authoritarian, although hes also creative, vital and courageous to the max. Oh, and he loves being center stage!Due to his Cancer Moon, Penn has a keen sense of family and truly enjoys parenting, a quality reinforced by his Leo Sun. The flip side of this Cancerian energy is a tendency to brood. He is very emotionally sensitive and may withdraw into a protective shell when things become too intense. With his Mercury in Leo, Penn is pegged as a master storyteller, blessed with dramatic flair. Since his Mercury is Square Neptune, however, the actors stories may have a surreal quality to them. Is he telling the truth or making things up? Even Penn may not know for sure, but this aspect may be the one that attracts him to such strange and surreal films as Hurlyburly and U Turn.

His Venus in Virgo marks Penn as one who is mannered in the game of love. No Romeo here! He takes his time before committing himself to anyone, but once he does, it will be hard for him to disconnect. Since his Venus is Conjunct powerful Pluto, the actor is very charismatic and desirable to the opposite sex. His Venus is also Square Mars, meaning Penn may not be quite as warmly affectionate as his lovers might prefer. Although theres a strong attraction between the sexes here, the actor will be clueless as to his partners needs, the kind of thing that could lead to problems down the road. Having Mars in Gemini is the key to Penns success as an actor. Communication is his forte, and he knows how to use words to his own (great advantage). He can be witty, intense, chatty and intellectual, and he loves a good debate. Since his Mars is Square Pluto, the smart barbs get even sharper. Penn wont yield or submit to anyone!


Leonian Charlize Theron
Born on August 7, 1975, Benoni, South Africa. The days of being discovered at a Hollywood soda fountain may be long gone, but apparently you can still catch an agents eye, if youre stubborn enough to put up a fuss in a bank on Hollywood Boulevard. Just ask Charlize Theron. Two weeks after she arrived in Los Angeles, a bank teller on that famous strip refused to accept Theron’s out-of-state check. She gave the teller a piece of her mind and ended up walking out without the cash, but with something far more important in her pocket: the card of the agent who would give her star-studded career it’s start. It didn’t take long for Theron to gain a reputation as a box-office success. She got her first major break playing opposite Keanu Reeves in The Devil’s Advocate, then starred in The Cider House Rules, The Legend of Bagger Vance and The Italian Job. It was in Monster, however, while playing the role of convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos, that Theron gained the critical acclaim her Leo Sun and Moon have always craved. Theron was born on the day of a New Moon in Leo, the sign that craves appreciation and applause more than any other. New Moons bring the Sun and Moon together in the same sign, uniting the inner and outer sides of the owners personality in pursuit of the same goal. The end result is that what you see is quite literally what you get. Leo is the sign of the performer, and Leo rules the heart, so above all else, Leo absolutely must know that it is loved. Its not surprising, then, that Theron has the ability to throw herself so completely into her roles. Shes able to transform an internal, emotional need for mass love into the external ability to entertain the public, and earn the adoration and appreciation her soul lives for.

But speaking of transforming, its the strong influence of Neptune, the great pretender, that gives Theron the ability to seamlessly shape-shift into such a wide variety of characters. For her role in Monster, it was this deceptive planet that helped Theron to hide her lovely, willowy Venus in Virgo. She packed on 30 pounds, wore a set of badly gnarled prosthetic teeth and was plastered with heavy makeup that transformed her perfect complexion into a sun-damaged disaster. All of that might certainly be credited to the talents of a makeup artist and director, but if Theron hadnt been enough of a chameleon to pull off the charade, no amount of makeup or coaching would have done the job. Determination is what keeps any of us on our life path, and in Therons case, that quality is due to the same aggressive, determined Mars in Taurus that got her noticed to start with, a combination that ensures she absolutely will not give up until she has to. This will be the planetary combination that enables Theron to enjoy her place in the spotlight, long-term, and allows audiences to enjoy her work.


Leonian Christian Slater
Born on August 18, 1969 in New York, US. Following a run on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, he made his Broadway debut as the lisping Winthrop Paroo opposite Dick Van Dyke in the 1980 revival of The Music Man. Additional Broadway credits include Merlin, Macbeth, Side Man, and The Glass Menagerie. He made his big screen debut in 1985 in the film The Legend of Billie Jean. In 1986, he had a significant role in the movie The Name of the Rose. In 2006 he appeared as the main character in Hollow Man 2 replacing Kevin Bacon as the invisible man, the sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s Hollow Man(2000). The last movie that was commercially successful for Christian slater was Broken arrow. He’s been on a slump since, but is showing promise for making a comback with a few slightly successful movies under his slate in the past few years. In recent years Slater has gone from being a box-office leading man, to starring in direct-to-video films and other low-budget projects. In 2004 he decided to return to the stage, and played Randle P. McMurphy (played on film by Jack Nicholson) in the play One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at the Edinburgh Fringe. He twice contracted chicken pox, delaying the show’s opening.

While continuing to appear in this play in London’s West End, Slater was asked to play the role of John Watson aka Wonko the Sane for the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish, produced by Above the Title Productions. In 2005 and 2006 Slater returned to the stage and London to play McMurphy in Cuckoo’s Nest. Slater is the advertising voice of Panasonic on radio and television ads. On January 20, 2006 Slater was the guest host for an episode in the second series of The Friday Night Project for Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. He appeared in the booth of Monday Night Football on November 6, 2006 for the Oakland Raiders at a Seattle Seahawks game.

Slater has a well tabloid-publicized record of alcohol and drug abuse, and a series of high profile female relationships. He currently resides in London, England. He has two children with ex-wife Ryan Haddon: Jaden Zach Haddon-Slater (b. April 6 1999), and Eliana Sophia (b. August 15, 2001). Slater has a long list of altercations with the police and other authorities. These include: On August 11, 1997, Slater was arrested by police in Los Angeles and charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of battery. Slater, drunk and high on heroin, punched his then-girlfriend, fashion editor Michelle Jonas, in the face at a party and bit a man who attempted to protect her. Slater did not go quietly, but hid in a stairwell and fought with officers, reportedly shouting, “the Germans are coming and they will kill us!” He then attacked a police officer. All the felony charges against him were eventually dropped. He was sentenced to three months in prison, serving 59 days for good behavior In 2003, his wife, Ryan Haddon, was arrested for beating up Slater at a Hard Rock Cafe while on a trip to Las Vegas and he later received stitches. Slater divorced Haddon in November of 2006 Slater made a cameo in the Joaquin Phoenix directed video “Tired of Being Sorry” for Balthazar Getty’s band Ringside.

Fire is dominant in Christian Slater’s natal chart and endows him with intuition, energy, courage, self-confidence, and enthusiasm! He is inclined to be passionate, he asserts his willpower, he moves forward, and comes hell or high water, he achieves his dreams and goals. The relative weakness of this element is the difficulty to step back or a kind of boldness that may prompt Slater to do foolish things. Like the majority of Earth signs, Christian Slater is efficient, concrete and not too emotional. What matters to him is what he sees: he judges the tree by its fruits. His ideas keep changing, words disappear, but actions and their consequences are visible and remain. Expresses his sensitivity, even if it means revealing his vulnerability. Emotions, energy and communication must not be neglected; concrete action is meaningless if it is not justified by Slater’s heart, intellect or enthusiasm.

Famous Leonians
Jul 30 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jul 31 Dean Cain
Jul 26 Dorothy Hamill
Jul 29 Elizabeth Dole
Jul 25 Iman
Jul 24 Jennifer Lopez
Jul 27 Jonathan Rhys Meyer
Jul 26 Kevin Spacey
Jul 30 Laurence Fishburne
Jul 30 Lisa Kudrow

Jul 25 Matt LeBlanc
Jul 26 Mick Jagger
Jul 23 Monica Lewinsky
Jul 23 Nicole Bobek
Jul 26 Sandra Bullock
Jul 23 Slash
Jul 23 Stephanie Seymour
Jul 29 Stephen Dorff
Jul 31 Wesley Snipes
Jul 23 Woody Harrelson

Aug 16 Angela Bassett
Aug 10 Antonio Banderas
Aug 15 Ben Affleck
Aug 19 Bill Clinton
Aug 04 Billy Bob Thornton
Aug 12 Casey Affleck
Aug 07 Charlize Theron
Aug 18 Christian Slater
Aug 20 Connie Chung
Aug 01 Coolio
Aug 14 Danielle Steel
Aug 07 David Duchovny
Aug 15 Debra Messing
Aug 18 Denis Leary
Aug 08 Dustin Hoffman
Aug 02 Edward Furlong
Aug 18 Edward Norton
Aug 12 George Hamilton
Aug 06 Geri Estelle Halliwell
Aug 09 Gillian Anderson
Aug 22 Howie D
Aug 11 Hulk Hogan
Aug 20 Isaac Hayes

Aug 08 J.C. Chasez
Aug 01 Jerry Garcia
Aug 13 Julie Newmar
Aug 16 Kathie Lee Gifford
Aug 21 Kenny Rogers
Aug 02 Lance Ito
Aug 05 Loni Anderson
Aug 16 Madonna
Aug 14 Magic Johnson
Aug 03 Martha Stewart
Aug 03 Martni Sheen
Aug 19 Matthew Perry
Aug 09 Melanie Griffith
Aug 22 Norman Sschwarzkopf
Aug 22 Pete Sampras
Aug 17 Robert De Niro
Aug 18 Robert Redford
Aug 17 Sean Penn
Aug 20 Slobodan Milosovic
Aug 03 Steve Martin
Aug 22 Tori Amos
Aug 09 Whitney Houston
Aug 01 Yves Saint Laurent

Cancerian Cruise, Tyler, Hanks

livtyler_tomhanks001Sign of the month, Cancer, the Crab, a feminine sign in the zodiac. The Sun in astrology stands for the inner nature, person’s essential character. The fourth sign of the Zodiac, Cancer is ruled by the restless Moon. A cardinal (creative and original) sign, Cancer governs home life, matters to do with women (especially the mother), as well as sensitivity and emotional intensity. It is a water sign, so Cancerian people are emotionally intense and deeper than they appear on the surface, while quite sensitive and understanding once you get through that tough exterior.

The Sun, ruler of our inner nature, is somewhat dimmed in Cancer, the home of the Moon. Creative and romantic, with a strong love of home, family and tradition, a good communicator and a strong provider. Cancerians’ deep sensitivity presents them with valuable and illuminating intuitions, especially regarding those they care for.

Paradoxically combining a love of travel with a deep need for security, Cancerians surround themselves with sentimental objects from the past, including souvenirs, hand-me-downs and keepsakes. Cancerians are remarkably good at accumulating things; indeed, they can be unwilling to throw anything out, even relationships that have passed their use-by date.

Cancerians make good business people, combining artistry, originality and drive with an understanding of financial matters, marketing and the needs of the public. They can trust their intuitions, but they do need to generate a faith in themselves which will not be dampened by gloom or depression over what, in retrospect, may appear to be relatively insignificant problems. Cancerians have the natural ability to be diplomatic and to speak out when necessary or keep their mouth shut. Home and family ties will be significant in Cancer’s life and developing a secure, comfortable home environment will be a boon to Cancer’s state of mind, irrespective of her/his marital state.

Cancerians are creative. Even those among them who may not have any particular talent can use some involvement with art, music, or writing as another method of emotional release, rather than indulging in eating binges or other destructive habits. Living or spending time near the water is a relaxing, as well as creatively stimulating environment for Cancerians.


Cancerian Tom Cruise
Born on July 3, 1962, Syracuse, New York, USA. The road to stardom wasnt an easy one for Tom Cruise, despite his disarming good looks and megawatt smile. When a knee injury dashed his hopes of competitive wrestling (yes, really!), he turned to acting. After bouncing around between the stages of New York and L.A., Cruise finally got hot with his winning portrayal of the oversexed teen in Risky Business. More roles followed, with action flicks like Top Gun and Days of Thunder paving the way for bigger paydays ahead. As one of Hollywoods most bankable leading men, Cruise has turned heads in films such as Rain Man, Jerry McGuire and the Mission: Impossible series. Cruises ten-plus-year marriage to lovely actress Nicole Kidman (his costar in the Stanley Kubrick thriller Eyes Wide Shut) finally came to an end, and rumors certainly fly surrounding his love life. Whats up next for this brightest of stars? Lets see what the stars have to say!

Born with his Sun in Cancer, Cruise is a charming mix of sentimentality and good instincts; hes sure to remember birthdays and anniversaries and always shows up with just the right gift. The actor also likely carries the flag as a true patriot. Born on the Fourth of July probably really hit home for Cruise. On the flip side, Cruises emotionally sensitive Cancer Sun casts him as a man who is easily hurt and prone to brooding. With his Moon in Leo, Cruise has a real flair for the dramatic. This placement pegs him as a larger-than-life guy who is quite at home on the big screen. The combination of a Cancer Sun and Leo Moon signals someone who isnt afraid to show his emotions. In general, though, Cruise is likely to embrace a sunny disposition and feels most at ease around family and close friends. Since the actors Moon is making a wide Opposition to Saturn, the Planet of Hard Work, its easy to see where he gets his considerable determination. Although he is warm and loving at home, its someone else who shows up at the office: a focused, disciplined individual who lives for achievement and success.

With his Mercury in Gemini, Cruise is articulate and quick-witted. Expect him to learn his lines quickly and to have a lot to say about a production in general. His agile mind also craves knowledge and learning, which is likely to influence his choices of film roles. He is likely to bore quickly and cant risk being typecast, preferring instead to play a wide range of roles in a similarly wide range of genres. Cruise’s Venus in Leo is the real reason behind his raw sexual magnetism. This Lion presence makes him especially attractive and charismatic; hes likely to be a true romantic and a demonstrative lover who showers his partner with gifts. Cruise is not only ardent in love, he worships his lover, but he also wants to be the dominant partner in the bedroom.


Cancerian Liv Tyler
Born Liv Rundgren, on July 1, 1977 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, New York) is an American actress most famous for her roles of Grace Stamper in Armageddon and Arwen in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy trilogy (2001–2003).

 Liv is the first born daughter of Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith; and Bebe Buell, a model and singer. Having grown up with the understanding that rock star Todd Rundgren was her biological father, she only found out the truth about her parentage at age 9, after noticing that Steven Tyler’s daughter Mia Tyler looked like her twin. She then changed her name from Liv Rundgren to Liv Tyler but kept Rundgren as a middle name. Liv’s mother named her after Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann.

After starting a career as a model (with a height of 5′ 10″), she quickly moved into acting. She first became known to TV audiences when she starred alongside Alicia Silverstone in the Aerosmith music video “Crazy” in 1993. Later, she was cast almost simultaneously for Silent Fall and Heavy; the filming of Heavy was delayed until she became available. By the age of 20, she had already starred in several successful movies, including Stealing Beauty, That Thing You Do! and Inventing the Abbotts.Tyler was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1997. She was also voted the 6th Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine in September 2002, and #2 in’s Top 100: Natural Beauties of all time in 2004.

Although it was her appearance in Armageddon (which was released on her 21st birthday, and included the song “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by her father’s band) that made her known to a very wide public, she has proven herself in more sophisticated acting challenges such as Onegin (based on the 19th century Russian novel by Alexander Pushkin), in which she convincingly portrayed the character of Tatyana Larina, and two movies directed by Robert Altman: Cookie’s Fortune and Dr. T & the Women. Her most successful role came in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, in which she played Arwen Undómiel.

On March 25, 2003, she married British musician Royston Langdon of the band Spacehog. On December 14, 2004, she gave birth to a son, Milo William Langdon, in a New York hospital. Tyler’s ancestry is a combination of Italian, German, Russian and Cherokee Indian on her father’s side. She dated actor Joaquin Phoenix from 1995 to November 1998. The couple met on the set of Inventing the Abbotts.

Birth time: 6:08 am. With her sun sign in Cancer, Liv Tyler has her moon sign in Capricorn. While her sun and moon signs are in Cancer and Capricorn, Tyler’s ascendant sign is Cancer.

Positions of Planets
Sun 9°27′ Cancer
Moon 13°24′ Capricorn
Mercury 11°10′ Cancer
Venus 24°31′ Taurus
Mars 18°31′ Taurus


Cancerian Tom Hanks
Born on July 9, 1956, Concord, California, USA. With his earnest nature, non-threateningly handsome physique and almost goofy sensibility, its almost impossible for women or men to dislike Tom Hanks. Hes smart, too, he turned a middling acting career into a singular success thanks to a few well-chosen roles. While starring opposite Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle endeared him to many, its his Academy Award-winning turns in Big (directed by Penny Marshall), Philadelphia and Forrest Gump that put him over the top. After Saving Private Ryan during the summer of 1998, Hanks moved on to new romantic-comic adventures with Ms. Ryan in Youve Got Mail. Cast Away proved another break-away hit and garnered the actor another Best Actor nomination, and Road to Perdition featured him in a gorgeously filmed period piece. What do the stars have in store for this sweet, smart and funny guy?

For Hanks, family is the most important thing in his life. Born under a Cancer Sun, its no wonder this sweetie pie cant stop gushing about his lovely wife, actress Rita Wilson. Hanks is likely to have a good grasp on his past and what hes all about. He may be a bit moody at times but in general is an emotionally attuned partner who loves staying in with the fam far more than going out on the town like most of his Hollywood-insider counterparts.

With a Leo Moon, Hanks has plenty of presence and the dramatic flair it takes to be a great actor. He knows how to make other people laugh and feel entertained. In terms of life with Rita, Hanks is a dramatic and romantic partner who likes to take the dominant role in his relationship, showering his wife with gifts and other sweet indulgences to make her happy and adoringly appreciative of his efforts. His Mercury, the Planet of Communication, lies in sensitive Cancer as well; this may mean Hanks simply loves to talk about his family, but more likely it points to his way of appealing to others emotions. This may be the Planetary placement that explains his choices of such sweet, homespun characters in films that appeal to peoples sense of family, of love and duty and honor.

His Venus in Gemini signals that Hanks needs a relationship that challenges him intellectually. It took him two marriages to get it right, but with Rita, Hanks seems to have found relationship bliss. Though they tend to conduct their relationship outside the periphery of paparazzi and rumor, its safe to assume Rita is as quick-witted as Hanks is. His Mars in Pisces indicates that Hanks has the makings of a creative, compassionate and caring soul. With a confluence of Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces) in his chart, the Oscar-winning actor is highly intuitive and emotive as well. With the dramatics of his Leo Moon and the intuition of his Mars in Pisces, Hanks has great actor written all over his chart!

Some Famous Cancerians
Jun 24 Anna Paquin
Jun 25 Carly Simon
Jun 25 Cheryl Tiegs
Jun 26 Chris Isaak
Jun 26 Chris O’Donnell
Jun 22 Cyndi Lauper
Jun 25 George Michael
Jun 27 Isabelle Adjani
Jun 29 John Bradshaw

Jun 28 John Cusack
Jun 28 Kathy Bates
Jun 22 Kris Kristofferson
Jun 22 Meryl Streep
Jun 29 Richard Lewis
Jun 28 Ross Perot
Jun 23 Ted Shackelford
Jun 27 Tobey Maguire
Jun 30 Vincent D’Onofrio

Jul 08 Anjelica Huston
Jul 12 Anna Friel
Jul 19 Anthony Edwards
Jul 12 Bill Cosby
Jul 08 Billy Crudup
Jul 20 Carlos Santana
Jul 09 Chris Cooper
Jul 06 Dalai Lama
Jul 01 Dan Aykroyd
Jul 17 David Hasselhoff
Jul 22 David Spade
Jul 18 Elizabeth McGovern
Jul 15 Forest Whitaker
Jul 09 Fred Savage
Jul 06 George W. Bush
Jul 04 Geraldo Rivera
Jul 11 Giorgio Armani
Jul 03 Gloria Allred
Jul 13 Harrison Ford
Jul 05 Huey Lewis
Jul 18 James Brolin
Jul 02 Jerry Hall

Jul 10 Jessica Ann Simpson
Jul 09 Jimmy Smits
Jul 21 Josh Hartnett
Jul 21 Kenneth Starr
Jul 08 Kevin Bacon
Jul 11 Kimberly “Lil Kim” Jones
Jul 15 Linda Ronstadt
Jul 12 Lisa Nicole Carson
Jul 01 Liv Tyler
Jul 14 Matthew Fox
Jul 07 Michelle Kwan
Jul 10 Neil Tennant
Jul 18 Nelson Mandela
Jul 01 Pamela Anderson Lee
Jul 16 Phoebe Cates
Jul 01 Princess Diana
Jul 07 Ringo Starr
Jul 22 Robin Williams
Jul 06 Sylvester Stallone
Jul 03 Tom Cruise
Jul 09 Tom Hanks
Jul 03 Tom Stoppard

Pop Icon Michael Jackson Will Be Missed

michaeljackson001Michael Joseph Jackson, was born on August 29, 1958, commonly known as MJ as well as the ‘King of Pop’, is an American musician, entertainer, and pop icon whose successful career and controversial personal life have been a part of pop culture for the last three decades. He has three children: Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (known as ‘Prince’) born on February 13, 1997, Aquarius, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson born on April 3, 1998, Aries, and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II (known as ‘Blanket’) born on February 21, 2002, Pisces. Michael Jackson suffers cardiac arrest at home in Los Angeles suburb, and passes away at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009 at UCLA Medical Center. Jackson was dominant in pop music for four decades with Jackson 5, solo.

Michael Jackson is widely regarded as one of the greatest entertainers and most popular recording artists in history, heralding and displaying complicated physical techniques, like the robot and the moonwalk, that have redefined mainstream dance and entertainment. His achievements in the music industry have included, among other things, a revolutionary transformation of music videos, epitomized by 1983’s ‘Thriller’, often cited as the greatest music video of all time, establishing high-profile album releases and sales as a new trend for record companies to generate profits, dominating pop music during the 1980s, and becoming the first black entertainer to amass a strong following on MTV while leading the relatively young channel out of obscurity.

Additionally, Michael Jackson has dabbled in various musical genres and collaborated with several other superstars in the music industry, occasionally also lending his talents to the work of other artists. His distinctive style, moves, and vocals have inspired, influenced, and spawned a whole generation of hip hop, pop, and R&B artists, including Mariah Carey, Usher, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Omarion, Ne-Yo, and Chris Brown, among others. In November 2006, he was symbolically named the ‘Most Successful Entertainer of All Time’ by Guinness World Records.

Jackson began his musical career at the age of seven as the lead singer of The Jackson 5 and released his first solo recording, Got to Be There, in 1971 while remaining a member of the group. He began a full-fledged solo career in 1979 and formally parted with his siblings in 1984. In his solo career, Jackson recorded and co-produced the best-selling album of all time, Thriller, which has worldwide sales exceeding 104 million. After Thriller, Jackson continued to release internationally chart-topping albums like Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), HIStory (1995), and Invincible (2001), his latest album of fully original material. Michael Jackson has received thirteen Grammy Awards and charted thirteen number-one singles in the United States, more than any other solo male artist in the Hot 100 era. In November 2006, the World Music Awards announced that Michael Jackson had sold over 750 million units worldwide, making Jackson one of the best-selling music artists of all time. From 1988 to 2005, Jackson lived on his Neverland Ranch property, where he built an amusement park and private zoo.

Michael Jackson Birth Chart

Michael Jackson
August 29, 1958,
11:53 PM, Gary, Indiana, USA

Sun in Virgo
Sun in 4th house
Sun Sextile Neptune
Sun Conjunct Pluto
Sun Opposition Mars / Saturn
Ascendant in Gemini
Moon in Pisces

Gemini Rising
Saturn Opposition Asc.
Moon Square Asc.
Venus Sextile Asc.
Uranus Sextile Asc.

Mercury in Leo
Mercury in 4th house
Mercury Square Mars
Mercury Sextile Jupiter
Mercury Conjunct Pluto
Mercury Conjunct Sun/Venus
Mercury Conjunct Sun/Uranus
Mercury Conjunct Venus/Pluto
Mercury Conjunct Neptune/Asc.

Moon in Pisces
Moon in 10th house
Moon Quincunx Venus
Moon Square Saturn
Moon Conjunct Saturn/Asc.
Moon Opposition Uranus/N. Node
Venus in Leo
Venus in 3rd house
Venus Square Mars
Venus Trine Saturn
Venus aspects Saturn and Uranus
Venus Conjunct Uranus

Mars in Taurus
Mars in 12th house
Mars Quincunx Saturn
Mars Opposition Mercury/MC
Mars Opposition Saturn/N. Node
Mercury Opposition MC
Venus Opposition MC
Mars Square MC
Saturn Sextile MC
MC Opposition Mercury/Venus
MC Opposition Jupiter/Asc.
MC Opposition Uranus/Pluto
MC Opposition N. Node/Asc.

Jupiter in Libra
Jupiter in 5th house
Jupiter Conjunct Neptune
Jupiter Sextile Pluto
Jupiter Conjunct Sun/Saturn
Jupiter Conjunct Neptune/N. Node

Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn in 7th house
N. Node in Libra
N. Node in 5th house
N. Node Conjunct Jupiter
N. Node Conjunct Mercury/Saturn

Uranus in 3rd house
Neptune in 5th house
Pluto in 4th house
Uranus Conjunct Mars/Neptune
Neptune Opposition Moon/Asc.
Pluto Conjunct Sun/Mercury

Pluto in Virgo
Neptune in Scorpio
Neptune Sextile Pluto
Uranus in Leo

Sun      6 Vir 19               Pluto     2 Vir 10
Moon    17 Pis 06               N. Node  23 Lib 04
Mercury 25 Leo 20               Asc.     16 Gem 49
Venus   17 Leo 18               MC       21 Aqu 24
Mars    22 Tau 07               2nd cusp  7 Can 59
Jupiter 28 Lib 34               3rd cusp 28 Can 09
Saturn  19 Sag 08               5th cusp 22 Vir 14
Uranus  13 Leo 31               6th cusp  3 Sco 46

Tropical  Placidus   Daylight Savings Time observed
GMT: 04:53:00   Time Zone: 6 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 41 N 35 36 87 W 20 47

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction : 7 Deg 00 Min     Trine     : 5 Deg 00 Min
Opposition  : 5 Deg 00 Min     Sextile   : 4 Deg 00 Min
Square      : 5 Deg 00 Min     Quincunx  : 3 Deg 00 Min
Conjunct Asc: 3 Deg 00 Min Above,  5 Deg 00 Min Below

Jackson was, and is, indeed a Virgin, being born with the Sun in the sign of Virgo, the seventh of nine children. By tradition, Virgo is the sign of the fussy perfectionist, the hard-worker who frets about health, diet, cleanliness and order, a list that certainly applies to the germ-fearing, hyper-anxious Jackson. Virgo’s qualities are amplified by the presence of the power planet Pluto next to Michael’s Sun, and by the Moon being in Virgo’s partner sign of Pisces – appropriately for a pop werewolf, Michael was born at a full Moon. The Sun and Moon, the two most important planets in a birth chart, are thus pulled between practical Virgo and artistic Pisces, between control and escapism.

A glance at Michael’s birth chart might have alerted many people who were fooled by Michael’s innocent, child-like façade to the fact that he is also a ruthless businessman who astutely built a $700m fortune. When Paul McCartney boasted to Jackson of how many song catalogues he owned, he never imagined that Jackson would shortly afterwards buy the Beatles’ catalogue for $48m and exploit it by selling the Fabs’ songs as advertising jingles.

Whether or not Michael’s childhood certainly involved a domineering father.
Other configurations in Jackson’s birth chart show how he has haplessly acted out the archetypal energies represented by the planets: his bleak childhood (Saturn square Moon), his sensitivity to criticism while being unaware of others’ sensitivities (Mars square Venus), his escapist fantasies (Jupiter conjunct Neptune) and his pursuit of perfection through plastic surgery (Chiron opposite Venus). But this is just astrological language describing what is now obvious to all.

The raids on Neverland on 18 November 2003 that resulted in his trial earlier this year coincided with the transit of Pluto – that planet again – at a crucial and karmic point in Jackson’s chart. Because Pluto is so distant and its orbit around the Sun so slow, it hovered over Jackson like an avenging angel all the way through to his trial. Simultaneously, Michael’s Virgo Sun was also opposed by the throne-toppling planet, Uranus. Luckily for Jackson, his chart this year is under the helpful influence of Jupiter, the planet of luck and law. He avoided jail, but the damage done to his reputation is permanent.

Although Pluto has moved on, other planets suggest the one-time Thriller has a none too thrilling time ahead. His health is the first issue under scrutiny. His highly strung Virgo disposition has already taken a pounding by the lengthy trial. This autumn the temptation is to overtax his system, probably in an attempt to finish a new album to allay his current financial troubles. Secondly, despite being brought face to face with outside reality by the trial, Jackson’s artistic and financial judgment looks awry, his capacity for self-deluding fantasy intact.

Money is not the real concern, however; Jackson’s ownership of the Beatles’ song catalogue, now valued at over $1bn, ensures that. He may, against his will, be forced to sell it. This difficult planetary picture lasts through to the winter of 2007/8, when Jackson reaches a showdown moment, signalled by two very different planets. The first is Saturn, planet of maturity, passing across Michael’s Sun; the last time this happened, in late 1978, he made Off The Wall, the album that established him as a solo star and musical innovator, rather than a teen pin-up. Whether he can conjure up a ground-breaking album this time remains to be seen; after all, he no longer has producer Quincy Jones supervising.

The simultaneous arrival of Uranus, the disruptor, on Michael’s Piscean Moon is even more significant, suggesting that before 2008 he will be forced or choose to sell his adored but now tarnished Neverland. Since the Moon represents family, another possibility that is that Jackson’s two children will be taken away from him. More likely, given Jackson’s cinematic history, is that he will make a biopic of his own life. If the 50 year old Jackson has acquired any self-knowledge, it could be one amazing film; more probably, it will be a tedious exercise in self-righteous justification of his compulsive behaviour.

Geminian Depp, Jolie, McCartney


Sign of the month, Gemini, the Twins, is curious, talkative, versatile and mentally active. The people who were born under the Gemini Sun, widely known for their dual personalities and ability to change mood from moment to moment. Although they hate to be tied down, they make lively, entertaining and romantic partners, even if they can be rather fickle if bored or unhappy.

The twin sides of their nature are perpetually pulling in opposite directions. Their brains are subtle and brilliant but they usually “lack continuity of purpose”. Of all people they are the most difficult to understand; in temperament they are hot and cold almost at the same moment. They love with one side of their nature and they are often critical or dislike with the other people. Their sharp wit and excellent powers of observation make them a good raconteur, although they have a tendency to exaggerate which can cause trouble with their relationships.

It is difficult even for them to understand what they want to achieve. At heart they are ambitious for social position; but when obtained they have already tired of it, and are ready to go in for something else or for something totally opposite. Being natural communicators these people do not suffer fools gladly; so once they are attracted to people, they have to ensure that they are not dull or mundane. They will no doubt spending ages chatting to anyone about every subject under the sun, just to keep feeding their ever active and inquisitive mind.

If taken as they are, in their own moods, they are the most delightful people imaginable, but one must not attempt to hold them or to expect them to be constant to their ideas or plans. They believe they are truthful, constant, faithful, and so they may be at the moment, but every moment to them has a separate existence. These people have an ability to see quickly the weak points in those they meet, and can reduce all to nothing by wit, sarcasm, or mimicry. Almost all of them are great talkers and usually very much in demand socially because they are so entertaining. Gemini is the life of the party. They often succeed the best, as far as money is concerned, but their more suitable career is generally that which requires diplomacy, tact, and finesse. The representatives of lower types are unscrupulous in finance and untruthful. They often make successful gamblers and company promoters of “get-rich-quick” schemes.

Either type make hosts of friends and are kind-hearted and generous to the person who fills their thoughts at the moment, but “out of sight, out of mind” explains their fits of “forgetfulness” as nothing else can. In all matters of affection they are human puzzles. They can love passionately and yet be inconstant at the same moment, and it is only their shield of diplomacy and exquisite tact that keeps them from often making a mess of their lives.


Geminian Johnny Depp
Born on June 9, 1963, Owensboro, KY, US. Cinemas bad boy probably doesnt care if you like his movies or not, but chances are you will. Gemini Johnny Depp has shone like a star in a slew of films both big-budget and small, and is an indie mainstay (bringing his star presence to such films as Edward Scissorhands, Dead Man and Whats Eating Gilbert Grape). A truly prolific actor at a relatively young age, he has played opposite several of the greats, including Marlon Brando (in Don Juan de Marco) and Dennis Hopper (in The Source), and has worked with many truly amazing directors, including John Waters, Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam and Jim Jarmusch. His best-known roles, however, may be as Winonas ex and the hilariously over-the-top pirate captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean. His favorite role to date, though, seems to be that of doting daddy. He has a family with French actress Vanessa Paradis; of their daughter, he said, Without question, this is the greatest thing Ive done in my life. What do the stars have to say about this hot star?

Born under a Gemini Sun, Depp is incredibly versatile, a facile communicator who can easily do three things at once. For Depp, talking, facts and trivia are all a form of sport, but his Sun Trine Saturn brings a sweetly serious side to a potentially flaky or happy-go-lucky Sign. This aspect means Depp has realistic goals in mind and is a diligent, prudent worker. Instead of being all talk, he backs up his constantly-coming ideas with solid action.

His Capricorn Moon gives Depp that ambitious edge and the ability to wa
it for things to come to him. This Moon placement may make him a bit cool or restrained in the love department, but its a wonder for his career. Alls not lost for Depps love life, however, his Moon interacts with several of his other Planets, effectively softening him up and saving the day. First, its Square Jupiter, which may make him too much of a softie, with a real vulnerability for sob stories. His Moon Sextile Neptune lends him a very healthy dose of intuition and possibly even psychic abilities, and Trine Pluto gives him tremendous emotional strength. Furthermore, his Mercury Conjunct Venus in Taurus makes him a charming and affectionate lover.

His love relationships are also likely to be tied to his career and reputation, since the Mercury-Venus Conjunction lies in his Tenth House of Social Status. We could attribute his relationships with Paradis and exes Winona Ryder, Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey and Kate Moss to this Tenth House Venus influence, or we could just chalk those relationships up to Depps status as one of the Hollywood elite. For an actor as recognizable (and lusted after) as him, it would be hard to connect with anyone not in the business. What we can infer from the stars is that Depps is one hectic love life, his Venus Squares both Mars and Uranus, making him incredibly sexy and attractive but throwing a chaotic, intense element into the mix.

Depp’s darker side comes to view via Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. He may seem quiet and mild-mannered, but underneath this slick veneer is someone who could lose it if the housecleaner messed up his desk. He has some diametrically opposed impulses at war within him, namely the urge to be reckless and rebellious (Mercury Square Uranus, Mars Conjunct Uranus) versus the urge toward conservatism and efficient perfectionism (this influence coming from Virgo and his Saturn aspects). With these planetary alignments, Depp would be well-served to tread lightly, although some might be attracted to this edgy aspect of his personality. Depp’s Mars Conjunct Pluto may be the most telling as to his overall impact on the general public. This aspect between the Planets of Passion and Power is what makes him so magnetically, sexily attractive, so incredibly ambitious, so passionate about his work.


Geminian Angelina Jolie
Born on June 4, 1975, Los Angeles, CA, US. Actress Angelina Jolies star is rising. With three, count em, Golden Globes under her belt (including Best Actress in the title role in HBOs Gia) and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Girl, Interrupted to boot, Jolie, an airy Gemini, should be flying high. The daughter of actor Jon Voight is a former model and a tattooed bad girl. She has held her own opposite the likes of Denzel Washington (in The Bone Collector) and Nicolas Cage (in Gone In Sixty Seconds), and her embodiment of Lara Croft Tomb Raider has definitely made her one to watch. Her tempestuous personal life has also garnered her lots of publicity and attention! Lets see what the stars have to say about what makes this beauty a star… Born under Geminis influence, Jolie was bound from the beginning to follow a careening path toward self-knowledge and enlightenment. Geminis have a great urge toward communication and self-expression, making acting a natural career choice; they also enjoy a constant, driving thirst for knowledge. They will not rely on the teachings of others, but instead must learn everything for themselves firsthand, regardless of the cost. Geminis may have difficulty in concentrating on one particular field or career for very long.Jolie is a true Gemini: As a child she wanted to be a funeral director, but then began attending the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater Institute at the tender (and precocious) age of 11. Next she went into modeling, and later entered film school at New York University. Now she is an established actress and one of Hollywoods hottest stars. But dont expect this leading lady to stick with acting for long, her intense desire to learn lifes lessons firsthand, coupled with her tendency to drop projects before theyre finished, will most likely lead her places even shell be surprised to go.

Gemini is an Air Sign, but Jolies a real firebrand. This could have something to do with the heavy Fire Sign influence in her chart: Both Mars and Jupiter, her Planets of Passion and Luck, reside in Fiery Aries, making Jolie a direct, aggressive and competitive person who goes after what she wants on impulse without a backwards glance. Again, these planets position in Aries influences Jolies courageous, carefree enthusiasm for life, as well as her frequent inability to finish what she started. One great lifes lesson for her will be to learn to ground herself and commit to one project or undertaking, or person.

Venus, the Planet of Love, resides in Cancer in Jolies chart. For her, marriage means security. She has a tendency to cling to those she loves, whether romantically or platonically (in her Oscar acceptance speech on March 26, 2000, she tearfully proclaimed her undying love for her brother). Her marriage to British actor Jonny Lee Miller didnt last long. Jonnys a Scorpio, thats a Water Sign, which may help explain their split. Jolies chart is almost completely lacking in Earth Signs; she may do best with an Earthy mate who provides her with the stability and practicality that she cant easily provide for herself.

Billy Bob Thornton wasn’t an Earth Sign, and wasn’t the lifelong mate for Jolie either. Jolies Mars in Aries makes her a doer, not a talker. She married Miller wearing black rubber pants and a tee shirt bearing his name on the back, written in her own blood. She married Thornton even though he was already engaged to someone else (actress Laura Dern). Is Jolie crazy or callous? Not necessarily, she simply feels and acts passionately. Her Moon Square Saturn, however, lends an inhibitive influence to her emotional life; as much as she wants love, as passionate as she can feel for another person, she may tend toward despondency and discouragement in her love life. She would benefit from learning to be more trusting and optimistic.

Jolie, French for pretty, is actually Angelinas middle name. The strong Gemini influence in Angelinas chart makes her totally unwilling to ride on her famous actor fathers Hollywood coat tails. Her Mercury is in Gemini as well, lending her an agile, perceptive mind and the ability to think logically. Her Saturn is in Cancer, which will benefit her well on her course through life: Whether she continues with acting or finds another form of self-expression, she is graced with the tenacity to continue on any course she chooses, regardless of any obstacles that may arise. She does not want anyones sympathy; rather, she wants to solve her own problems without anyones help. If she can take care that her energies do not become divided (her Jupiter in Aries frequently leads her to overextend herself), she is likely to go far and find the peace and knowledge that she seeks.


Geminian Paul McCartney
Born on June 18, 1942, Liverpool, England. Paul McCartney hardly needs introduction. Lauded as the greatest pop composer of all time (along with fellow Beatle John Lennon), this onetime Beatles bassist has been a rising star since he was just a kid, back in 1960 when the group first formed in Liverpool, England. McCartney even holds a few Guinness World Records (most records sold and most number one songs, among others). In 1996, he was awarded knighthood during the annual British Honours List. And McCartney is one of the richest rock stars in the world. In spite of these astronomical successes, however, he has also borne his fair share of hardships. In 1980, he lost his longtime friend and former band mate, John Lennon; then, in 1998, his wife of 29 years, Linda McCartney, lost her battle with breast cancer. After an intense grieving period (in Classic FM, a British magazine, McCartney said, I thought I might be dead by the end of the [first] year, it would just be so unbearable), McCartney found love again two years later with humanitarian activist Heather Mills, a former model twenty-five years his junior. What do the stars have to say about this mans ubiquitous influence, his style of loving and his future?

McCartneys Sun Sign is in Gemini, an Air Sign that rules intense communication and intellectual pursuits. His chart is actually full of Geminis influence: Not only his Sun Sign, but also his Mercury, Saturn and Uranus lie in Gemini. Uranus in Gemini points to inventiveness and ingenuity, and Mercury in Gemini indicates an avid curiosity and the desire to learn. McCartney has a quick mind for logical, original thought. His Saturn in Gemini lends itself to the sound judgment that aids and tempers the free expression of his ideas, an element necessary to any artists (or activists) success. These qualities of self-expression are further enhanced by his Mars in Leo, which indicates his excellent leadership abilities and drive for power. His ambition and initiative are backed up by determination and confidence, making quite a winning combo. This urge to succeed is not just a desire for material or social support: For McCartney, its an issue of pride.

In addition to his music, McCartney has done ongoing work as a political activist, spokesman and financial supporter of many charities. Much of his charity work has centered on the importance of animal rights and the benefits of vegetarianism, a focus which could be influenced by Neptunes placement in Virgo in his chart, as well as Jupiters in Cancer. Neptune in Virgo points to an interest in spiritual healing, holistic medicine and a concern for the nutritional needs of himself and others. Jupiter in Cancer denotes a desire to shelter the homeless and feed the hungry. McCartneys first concern, of course, is always his family, and he uses that forum from which to express his political philosophies.

People with a Leo Moon generally take intense pride in their home and family. McCartneys Moon in Leo helps speak to his love of children: He had three with Linda and adopted Lindas daughter from a previous marriage, and now has a family with Heather Mills as well. McCartneys Venus in Taurus helps further explain his relationship with Linda; how many rock stars stay married until death do us part? Those with Venus in Taurus tend to create lasting friendships, serious romantic links and permanent marital bonds. McCartneys love for model-activist Heather Mills also makes sense, despite their considerable age difference. Her activism most likely appealed to him strongly (her own personal tragedy, the loss of the lower half of her left leg in 1993, led her to found the Heather Mills Health Trust, dedicated to recycling artificial limbs for land mine victims in war-torn countries). Mills is an Aquarius; generally, relationships between these two Air Signs are full of light and laughter, adventure and excitement. They are able to respect and allow one anothers independence and the freedom to express themselves. McCartney and Mills may even have some kind of psychic connection, some deep, inner draw toward one another, possibly resulting from past life ties.

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May 23 Ilia Kulik
May 24 John C. Reilly
May 29 John F. Kennedy
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May 27 Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes
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May 25 Mike Myers
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May 22 Morrissey
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May 22 Naomi Campbell
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May 27 Peri Gilpin
May 29 Richard Lee Jackson
May 29 Rupert Everett
May 26 Sally Kirsten Ride
May 26 Stevie Nicks
May 30 Wynonna Judd
Jun 01 Alanis Morissette
Jun 03 Allen Ginsberg
Jun 13 Ally Sheedy
Jun 04 Angelina Jolie
Jun 07 Anna Kournikova
Jun 02 Barry Levinson
Jun 14 Boy George
Jun 04 Bruce Dern
Jun 11 Christina Crawford
Jun 15 Courtney Cox
Jun 10 Elizabeth Hurley
Jun 13 Ethan Embry
Jun 21 Francoise Sagan
Jun 11 Gene Wilder
Jun 15 Helen Hunt
Jun 12 Jim Nabors
Jun 08 Joan Rivers
Jun 20 John Goodman
Jun 20 John Mahoney
Jun 09 Johnny Depp
Jun 11 Joshua Jackson
Jun 16 Joyce Carol Oates
Jun 19 Kathleen Turner
Jun 05 Kenny G
Jun 16 Laurie Metcalf
Jun 10 Leelee Sobieski
Jun 07 Liam Neeson
Jun 01 Marilyn Monroe
Jun 05 Mark Wahlberg
Jun 09 Michael J. Fox
Jun 01 Morgan Freeman
Jun 09 Natalie Portman
Jun 17 Newt Gingrich
Jun 20 Nicole Kidman
Jun 07 Nikki Giovanni
Jun 04 Noah Wyle
Jun 18 Paul McCartney
Jun 19 Paula Abdul
Jun 07 Prince
Jun 06 Sandra Bernhard
Jun 18 Sir Paul McCartney
Jun 02 Stacy Keach
Jun 14 Steffi Graf
Jun 10 Tara Lipinski
Jun 13 Tim Allen
Jun 07 Tom Jones
Jun 17 Venus Williams
Jun 16 Yasmine Bleeth

Taurean Zellweger, Clooney, Streisand

georgeclooney_reneezellweger001Sign of the month, Taurus, the Bull, is patient and reliable, warmhearted and loving, persistent and determined, placid and security loving…

Taureans are practical, methodical and ambitious, within a framework of obedience to superiors. They are at their best in routine positions of trust and responsibility, where there is little need of urgency and even less risk of change, and a pension at the end. Yet they are creative and good founders of enterprises where the rewards of their productiveness come from their own work and not that of others.

No other sign in the zodiac is closer to earth then Taurus. The main objective in leading a Taurean life is primarily (though not entirely) to maintain stability and physical concerns. Your inner spiritual sense longs for earthly harmony and wholesomeness. When you fully understand this, and work toward this end, you will no longer need to blindly reassure yourself with external possessions and comforts. A realization that finding this inner peace will cause all of the above mentioned positive things will overtake you and your life will be very full.

They have a strong aesthetic taste, enjoying art, for which they may have a talent, beauty (recoiling from anything sordid or ugly) and music. Allied to their taste for all things beautiful is a love for the good things of life pleasure, comfort, luxury and good food.

Ultimately the Taurean needs to discover their truest, deepest and highest values. When they know what is truly valuable, they are no longer chained to people and to things that have to do with lesser values. The greatest indication of value to a Taurean is beauty, which cannot be owned, only appreciated.

reneezellweger001Taurean Renee Zellweger
Born on April 25, 1969, Katy, TX, US. Down-home Texas girl Renee Zellweger was a virtual unknown when she won the part of Tom Cruises leading lady in Jerry Maguire, beating out other, far better-known actresses such as Patricia Arquette, Cameron Diaz and Winona Ryder. With a seemingly unpronounceable name and only a smattering of (mostly bit) parts in indie films to her credit, she seemed an unlikely choice for the role — that is, until the films release, when it garnered much critical and commercial success. Zellweger has still stayed true to her appreciation of offbeat stories and roles; Nurse Betty afforded her another opportunity to display her wide range of acting skills in a film that was both hilarious and very, very dark. The same year Zellweger starred in Me, Myself & Irene opposite Jim Carrey; the two struck up a romance and were briefly engaged, but parted ways. Although many people were shocked when this Texan was chosen to play the beloved British book character Bridget Jones, Zellweger gained twenty pounds and secretly got an internship at a London publishing house to find out what it was like to be a plump young woman working in publishing (and the first film earned her an Oscar nomination!). While shes busy enjoying a string of box office hits, what do the stars have in store for her?

With her Sun in Taurus, Zellweger is a practical, steady and determined type. She possesses an earthy sensuality and is likely to be very affectionate, generous and probably somewhat possessive with her loved ones. Due to her grounded, practical nature, her friends are likely to rely on her to provide good advice, to make solid decisions. Those born under the warm light of a Taurus Sun are very like the Bull that symbolizes their Sign — sturdy like a rock. Taurus is all about self-indulgence and can tend toward laziness as a result, but the Conjunction between her Sun and Saturn, the Taskmaster Planet, ensures that she is disciplined, responsible and focused, instilled with a natural sense of duty.

Her Communication Planet, Mercury, also in Taurus emphasizes and underscores the practicality and stubborn persistence of her Sun Sign. With this placement, Zellweger is likely to be a patient, practical thinker who relies on her common sense to make the right decision. She is likely to make her decisions based on her desire for financial and material security; Taurus is a very possession-oriented Sign that likes to know who, what and how much it has on its side. Mercury in Taurus might indicate that Zellweger is not a very innovative thinker, as progressive ideas and risk-taking arent in Tauruss nature; however, two Mercury aspects indicate that she actually has quite an astute, perceptive mind. Mercury Trines both Jupiter and Pluto in her chart, indicating a very wise and intelligent thinker who is concerned with truth and justice. Sound judgment and shrewd mental powers combine to give Zellweger a unique ability to judge the outcomes of her actions; thus, these aspects work together to help her achieve incredible success in her life.

With her Moon in Leo, her Venus in Aries and her Mars in Sagittarius, Zellweger has plenty of Fire in her chart to spice up that Earthy Sun and Mercury. Her Leo Moon indicates someone who is quite dramatic about her emotions; especially as paired with her Aries Venus, Zellweger lives and loves large. She follows her emotional impulses and, due to Leos influence, is generous and demonstrative with the people she loves. These Planetary placements pair up with her contented Taurus Sun to make for a very sunny, albeit a bit self-centered, temperament — but not one without occasional outbursts. Venus, the Love Planet, in Aries is a very spicy placement that leads Zellweger to fall in love quickly, on impulse. She might start an affair based on an immediate, gut reaction to a person — and then awaken with a snort, wondering just who this person is that shes gotten involved with! Consequently, Venus in Aries can lead to short-lived, tempestuous romances; however, Zellwegers Venus Trines Mars, which underscores her Taurean love of commitment and stability in a relationship and promotes marital harmony.

Zellweger is also most likely a rather stubborn person; with her first three Planets in Fixed Signs (Taurus and Leo), she is very self-reliant, purposeful and determined, which can translate easily into a my-way-or-the-highway kind of mentality. Three Fixed Planets is a real boon for her career, however; they create the kind of focus and determination needed to continue on her path despite any obstacles. With Mars, her Passion Planet, in Sagittarius, Zellweger is ardent, restless and adventurous — and quite morally courageous. She has an idealistic side and her actions back up her beliefs. Her Mars Squares Pluto, which echoes and enhances the strength of those Fixed Planets; this aspect makes for quite an aggressive nature and a refusal to bend to pressure or adversity.

A Mars-Pluto Square could be an indication of tendencies toward a ruthless or even violent nature, but this is probably far from the truth in Zellwegers case. Jupiter, her Luck Planet, lies in Virgo and is Conjunct Uranus and Sextile Neptune. These placements show that Zellweger is happiest when she is doing good work, when she is involved in something that she feels benefits the greater good. She is a philanthropist who reaps the rewards of helping out those less fortunate than herself; with her Sagittarius Mars and the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction, she is also a free thinker whose mind is tuned in to higher vibrations. With such a fortunate birth chart, its no wonder she rose to fame from obscurity so quickly, and it looks like her star will continue to shine.

georgeclooney001Taurean George Clooney
Born on May 6, 1961, Lexington, Kentucky, US. Dr. Doug Ross of ER may have said his goodbyes to the emergency room crew after five seasons, but his alter ego, George Clooney, said hello to a big-time movie career. The handsome actor who played a suave pediatrician on NBCs top-rated drama actually had spent years searching for a hit like ER, despite his showbiz upbringing. Even so, he traded in those O.R. scrubs for a chance at silver screen success. Cast opposite Michelle Pfeiffer in the romantic comedy One Fine Day, Clooney showed his sexy, sensitive and silly side. Then Clooney heated up the screen with Jennifer Lopez in the thriller Out of Sight. Clooney also starred in the oceanic epic The Perfect Storm. He won a Golden Globe for his role in the Coen Brothers film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, not only solidifying his stature as a respectable leading man but also revealing his sharp wit and award-worthy comic timing. The hits just keep on coming, including his accomplished directorial debut Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and the sexy romantic comedy Intolerable Cruelty (with Catherine Zeta-Jones, and another Coen Brothers work). Whats up next for this talent? The stars may have an idea!

Born under a Taurus Sun, its no wonder Clooney is so steamily sensual and sexy — and determined to reach his goals. Taurus is the Sign of the Bull, and possesses a great, stubborn patience that lends itself to success. Taurus is also the most sensuous Sign of the Zodiac, in love with all physical pleasures from sex to cuddling to eating rich, sweet and creamy desserts. Taureans appreciate the finer things in life — art, fine food, expensive cars, well-made clothes … And yet they wear their class and extravagance in a decidedly down-to-earth way, a quality Clooney has definitely mastered (after all, hes the top man on so many of Hollywoods best-dressed lists). He may be a ladies man, but hes also a man with a plan and hell stick to it, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it becomes. Trying to change his mind would be fruitless, since Taureans are notoriously difficult to budge.

With his Mercury also in Taurus (and Conjunct his Sun), Clooney is a straight shooter who says what he thinks. The actors words are well-thought-out and to the point, and hell only tell you what you need to hear. Since his Sun and Mercury are both Square Uranus, the Planet of Rebellion, Clooney is quick with a verbal comeback and may occasionally shock listeners with his candor. The rebel in this Sexiest Man Alive is simmering beneath the surface, waiting to pounce at the right moment.

His Venus, the Planet of Love, in fiery Aries makes Clooney a bit impetuous and possibly selfish in the game of love. He may have a me first! attitude in romance that can be hard on his lover. Furthermore, with his Venus making no aspect to any other Planet in his chart, Clooney may be similarly disconnected in affairs of the heart.

Thanks to potent Mars in dramatic Leo, the spotlight is square on Clooney. Devilishly yet regally charming, Clooney likes being in charge, the better to get the attention he deserves (or so hed say). While the Taurus in his chart may tone things down a bit, you can bet that Clooney wants big time success. And with the stars on his side, hes getting his way!

barbrastreisand001Taurean Barbra Streisand
Born on April 24, 1942, Brooklyn, NY, US. Barbra Streisand is a talent for the ages, yet sometimes its hard to see past her much-ballyhooed features and diva-esque personality. This Brooklyn-born gal started singing and acting early on and was still a relative pup when she hit the stage as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. The rest, as they say, is history, but its definitely a tale worth telling. Streisand has set herself apart by succeeding on many stages. As a singer, The Voice has recorded countless albums and collected an armload of Grammys. Her musical stylings have translated to the small screen as well, where over thirty years worth of musical specials have yielded numerous Emmys. On the silver screen, Streisands considerable talents as actress, producer and director have also been richly rewarded (she has two Oscars). After a series of high-profile love affairs (producer Jon Peters, actor Don Johnson and newsman Peter Jennings are among her conquests), Streisand has settled into wedded bliss with actor James Brolin.

Born with her Sun in Taurus, Streisand has the Bulls characteristic drive and endurance. Those influenced by this Sign are also reliable and conservative and enjoy a hard days work. That level of work often yields the material comforts which the Bull so fervently craves. Expect Streisand to be alternately responsible and unyielding, often patient yet sometimes woefully possessive and jealous. Bottom line: Dont look for Streisand to change her tune.

Streisand owes her flair for the dramatic to her Moon in Leo. This placement speaks to one who is a bit self-centered and adores the bouquets and accolades that are accorded to a star. Babs loves being the boss but can also be the nurturer, taking great pride in her home and family. Since her Moon is Conjunct Pluto, the Planet of Power, look for intense emoting from the songstress. Streisand will pick up on the weaknesses of others and use this gambit to seize control. This alignment gets even edgier since its affected by Streisands Taurus Sun. The divas Sun is also Square Moon and Pluto, creating further tension. The Sun and Moon are very personal Planets, so when Pluto is introduced into the mix, things get pretty messy. Simply put, Streisands Sun and Moon are at war with one another, creating upheaval and allowing the actress to gain little satisfaction from her considerable achievements. A silver lining, however, can be gleaned from Plutos rebirthing energy: The star can always be reborn!

Thanks to a Rising Sign of Aries at 0 degrees, Streisands image to the world is all about me. How else do you become a diva? This lady exudes courage and daring and is intent on pushing envelopes. Competitive? Yep — and impatient and energetic to boot. With her Mercury in Taurus, though, Streisands chatter is well thought-out. She measures her words and says sensible things that will get her ahead.

Its Venus in Pisces that defines this lady in the game of love. Streisand has high ideals when it comes to a lover. If her intended doesnt live up to expectations, shell be disappointed, a common occurrence since her expectations are often unrealistic. Love really rules this funny girl, and impractical as that may be, it is her cross to bear.

With Mars in Gemini, Streisands Planet of Passion gets a real talking-to. Its all about words here, as the actress takes the Twins penchant for chatter to new levels, arguing at every turn, sometimes simply for the fun of it. Look out world — or is that colleagues? Streisands notorious difficulties on the set may get their energy from this placement, as the producer/directors keen intellect can result in a flurry of barbs to anyone in her presence. Since Mars is Square Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, in her chart, Streisands best ideas may be a real stretch. She talks a good game and possesses mercurial energy, but beneath it all may be ill-advised moves and hidden agendas. The actress may also resort to escapism when her seemingly good ideas are given short shrift.

One last look at Streisands chart shows all her Planets except Venus below the horizon. This formation in the heavens speaks to a very personal and private person here on Earth. Babs really doesnt want her life exposed — and what she doesnt want, she doesnt get.

Famous Taureans
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Apr 28 Saddam Hussein
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Apr 26 Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins
Apr 29 Uma Thurman

Apr 30 Akon
Apr 30 Willie Nelson
May 17 Andrea Corr
May 04 Audrey Hepburn
May 09 Billy Joel
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May 07 Breckin Meyer
May 20 Busta Rhymes
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May 14 Cate Blanchett
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May 12 Christian Campbell
May 02 Christine Baranski
May 05 Danielle Fishel
May 16 David Boreanaz
May 15 David Krumholtz
May 16 Debra Winger
May 17 Dennis Hopper
May 13 Dennis Rodman
May 08 Enrique Iglesias
May 07 Eva Peron
May 12 Gabriel Byrne
May 06 George Clooney
May 14 George Lucas
May 13 Harvey Keitel
May 03 James Brown
May 15 James Mason
May 16 Janet Jackson
May 12 Katherine Hepburn
May 04 Lance Bass
May 02 Lily Allen
May 10 Linda Evangelista
May 06 Mare Winningham
May 08 Melissa Gilbert
May 01 Mitzi Kapture
May 11 Natasha Richardson
May 19 Nora Ephron
May 16 Pierce Brosnan
May 04 Randy Travis
May 01 Rita Coolidge
May 12 Stephen Baldwin
May 13 Stevie Wonder
May 05 Tammy Wynette
May 06 Tony Blair
May 16 Tori Spelling
May 07 Traci Lords