Lucky Horoscopes of 2012

2012 started with a luck storm for some really lucky horoscopes. Here is the list of these lucky horoscopes until the end of this year, 2012. Luck will be with these horoscopes during the year 2012. And they can even … Continue reading

Gemini 2010 Horoscope

Old love relationships or marriages will come to an end for most of Gemini in 2010. Not Gemini themselves but their partners will want to end the marriage or the love relationship. Gemini people will try to save their marriages or love relationship however most of them will divorce or split up. A new relationship or partnership will loom on the horizon in 2010. There will be temptations in the mind too. Considering the events, new partnerships or associations should be thoroughly examined and if possible declined till early 2011. Love life could be pursued, while if you are already married, this year should be handled carefully as temptations could come up unexpectedly. Domestic and home matters will be disturbed. Level of comfort and happiness in domestic matters will be a cause of concern after 14th January 2010 till 31st May 2010. You could find family members hostile and asking you to take sides. It is a period of handling matters with utmost diplomacy and calmness. Level of comfort could drop while traveling could increase.

Chances of losses in real transactions will remain present and so care should be utilized. Transfer from your current location cannot be ruled out between 14th January and 31st May 2010. Career, finances and luck could experience weak trends between 14th September and 18th October 2010. Mostly domestic matters will cause worry this year. A new relationship could pickup majorly between 9th October 2010 and 19th November 2010. Be careful about not distancing yourself from family now.

Career for Gemini in 2010
Challenges and expansions in career will rise from 24th July 2010. Take up the challenges and make the most of opportunities till 31st October 2010. Luck and gains will rise during November 2010 while career will reassure a practical and hard working phase during December 2010. Money matters will cause concern as well as see a high level of inflows and expenses in 2010. But luckily your hard work will bring good gains during June, July and November 2010. You should consider the hard work as an investment, since all work done now will yield great amount of results next year.

Love and Relationship for Gemini in 2010

Marriages or love relationships of all Gemini will be tested this year! They can end up with divorce or split up most probably during 2010. But this divorce or split up decision will come from the other side not from Gemini. If in a relationship, there could be a new love interest which could test your dedication and integrity of your current relationship. It is a period of introspection and a fair and unbiased thinking. You should evaluate all aspects before you take any decisions. If married, you will find some external influences and skepticism towards spouse. You could find your spouse deficient in comparison to other. With these comparisons married life could be difficult.

Health for Gemini in 2010

Confidence and health could be lower than normal during March, June, October and December 2010. Avoid major events and commitments during these periods. Depression due to love life problems and career matters and problems can be seen in 2010 for Gemini.

Why Friendship With Gemini Challenging?

gemini002The answer is easy. The sun sign of Gemini comes under the influence of the ruling planet of Mercury. Named after the winged Roman Messenger God, the planet mainly represents the traits of adaptability and flexibility. The individuals ruled by Mercury know how to make most of the circumstances dished out by fate. They easily adjust themselves to their surroundings and may even change their ideals and morals according to the changes in the outside world. Restlessness and fidgetiness are some of the negative qualities imparted by the planet.


 Pinning down a Mercury-ruled individual is a very difficult task. The planet has the majority of influence over the mind of a person and imparts wisdom and intellect. Joviality, youthfulness and cheerfulness are some of the basic personality traits of such an individual. Mercury is the planet of communication, along with sciences, commerce, inquisitiveness, manner of thought and travel. On one hand, people with this ruling planet can lie very effortlessly and on the other, they can perforate the pretense of others with the same ease.

They find it very simple to change with the changing outside world and seldom show rigidity in this context. Such individuals are the ones who advocate new beginnings, disturb conservative opinions and lay down the path of invention. Items related to the ruling planet of Mercury are azaleas and lilies, walnut and hazelnut trees, carrots, celery, monkeys, parrots, foxes and greyhounds. The metal closest to Mercury is Quicksilver and closest stones are topaz, agate and aquamarine. The lucky day for Mercury-ruled people is Wednesday and lucky colors are saffron yellow and azure blue.

Some Geminis date with many at the same time, even with married people without making it a problem for themselves. While doing this, they forget about their partner is married and he/she has another partner and this will cause a problem for sure. Not all of them but a big majority of Gemini can show bisexuality more than other signs when compared. The only thing they can do is to self control and self educate themselves about this matter as they grow up, if they want and do so they can be permanent heterosexual. When you are friends with a Gemini, you have to know and be ready that while smiling, laughing happily she/he can suddenly start arguing with you and can turn the atmosphere of the place quickly from happiness into nervousness. If Gemini can control such behavious of herself/himself, life will be much more easier and better for others who communicate with a Gemini.

Moon Enters Sagittarius

moon002It’s tough to manage our feelings when the Moon enters cavalier Sagittarius at 10:10 am EDT. We need to express ourselves in a big way without regard for the consequences, yet in our haste to be heard we could miss something important. We may believe that we are running out of time as clever Mercury ends his visit to witty Gemini and enters the kinder and gentler world of Cancer the Crab today. However, a speedy response doesn’t make it the right one.

Aries: You are still not receiving the mandatory memo of self-restraint and the fiery Sagittarius Moon won’t likely help you out today. In fact, you may feel as if the signs are encouraging you to do it all when you really don’t have the energy to sustain so much activity. Do yourself a favor and just say no, rather than spreading yourself too thin and disappointing everyone involved.

Taurus: It’s tempting for you to overspend on something today and then regret it. You might feel like you’ll lose your chance if you don’t make your purchase right away. But this is an illusion; the sense of urgency you feel is more self-imposed than based on real circumstances. You will make a better decision if you take more time to consider your options before buying anything now.

Gemini: Your key planet Mercury has been dancing in your interactive sign for the past few weeks, encouraging you to be even more sociable than usual. But now, even if another party sounds like fun, you don’t have as much to say with the communication planet in quiet Cancer. Friends or family may urge you to get back in the game, but you don’t need to succumb to their pressure. Follow the guidance of your inner voice.

Cancer: You may have big ideas today about what you intend to do at work, but even your best-laid plans could be set aside if you get distracted by something else. It’s not that your energy is scattered; it’s just that you can grow bored of doing what’s on your list. Give yourself permission to draw outside of the lines today, but make sure you follow through on whatever you start.

Leo: You are of two minds today. On one hand, you’re enthusiastic about playing with your friends. Fun and games are high on your list of things to do. But you are also weary of always being the one who makes things happen. You need some downtime and the idea of going off by yourself for a while sounds delightful. Fortunately, it’s not an either/or situation, so schedule some time for both.

Virgo: You may be at odds with yourself today because you cannot find a comfortable position between too much and not enough. Although you are usually skilled at handling details, your current optimism makes it easy for you to take on more than you can deliver because you are missing crucial pieces of information. It’s okay to let your mind run away with the possibilities, but keep reminding yourself that common sense is your biggest asset.

Libra: The way you seek balance today may seem strange to others. For the first part of the day, you tend toward expansive and opportunistic thinking. Everything appears better than it actually is. But then you become concerned that you took something too far and may overcompensate by seeing potential problems everywhere you look. Naturally, the truth is somewhere in the middle, and it may be healthier in the long run to temper both extremes from the start.

Scorpio: Although you may be more positive about where things are going in your life, you aren’t ready to let go of all your concerns. You know that your success depends upon moving carefully now; if you proceed too fast, you could jeopardize what you have already gained. Keep your attention focused on the ultimate goal, but watch where you walk as you take one cautious step after another.

Sagittarius: The Moon’s return to your sign today reminds you how important your feelings are, even if you sometimes override them when they get in the way of your excitement. Now, however, you cannot avoid your emotions by simply choosing to ignore them. The volatility of your mood swings are a vital indicator of your emotional well-being. Your greatest strength is a deep connection to your heart.

Capricorn: You may feel quite talkative today, yet still want to be left alone. You aren’t up for the noise of too much social interaction and would do well to avoid parties and other gatherings of large groups of people. You would do better now in a meaningful one-on-one conversation with someone who seeks you out, rather than trying to be accepted by a club or a clique.

Aquarius: You are buzzing again today, but for different reasons than yesterday. Instead of being drawn to do something new, now you want to be among your peers. You need the support and feedback of your friends and will do what’s necessary to feel connected to your tribe. In the meantime, don’t forget about your obligations; you don’t have to make a bunch of noise or receive tons of attention to get the job done right.

Pisces: Your vision seems to capture the imagination of others now, which can lead you into a position of authority. You aren’t necessarily yearning to be the boss, yet you may be among the few who actually know what’s going on. So, as a member of the community you cannot say no when asked to assume a leadership role. Step up to the plate and play out your part as the person in charge.

Our Expectations Extraordinarily High

astrology008The conceptual Aquarius Moon shapes the first part of our day and her alignment with the visionary Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter superconjunction can motivate us to set our expectations extraordinarily high. The Moon’s entry into compassionate Pisces at 5:32 pm EDT shifts our perceptual framework from an intellectual to an emotional one. But it’s logical Mercury’s late night entry into jittery Gemini that gets us thinking about how to put it all together.
Aries: Your intuition is right on target, as it is a fortunate and imaginative day. Expect good news and useful info from friends. While the Moon activates your psychic faculties, you should look below the surface. Make sure you get plenty of sleep tonight. as you may be low on energy tomorrow. Auspicious colours are lavender and midnight blue. Lucky numbers are 3 and 21.

Taurus: The planetary powers are working hard for you in the public sphere, so your career should take a leap forward. This could be through the way your own personal magnetism draws in foreigners and artists, or because you get lucky whilst travelling. It is a good day for getting things done and working with authority figures. Expect some excellent news and a bit of good luck for a change! Beneficial colours are cobalt blue and neon red. Lucky numbers are 11 and 15.

Gemini: Enjoy your luck, as the Moon dances with fortunate Jupiter and imaginative Neptune in your ninth house of the higher mind. Make friends with people who are a bit out of your usual sphere. It will be worth the effort to try something different or travel somewhere new. Experience the cuisine and art of neighbouring towns and cities for an illuminating experience. Religious, spiritual and educational opportunities are expanded. Beneficial colours are light blue and dove grey. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.

Cancer: The mysterious Moon in your eighth house of sex, money and power is in fortunate conjunction with generous Jupiter and intuitive Neptune. If you are in a loving intimate relationship, this is a wonderful time to increase closeness. Show you care by serving the one you love. Beneficial colours are shimmering green and regal purple. Lucky numbers are 9 and 18.

Leo: Your most vital relationships are energised and fortunate today, Leo. Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground, as your primary competitors are energised too! Use this power positively by working with your partner or spouse. There’s a nice, lucky energy floating around you. Auspicious colours are bright gold and misty blue. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.

Virgo: Be especially conscientious today, Virgo, as the planetary energies could pay off for you. Take good care of yourself so you can be more efficient in your work; there is much satisfaction in good health and competence. This is also a good time to tend to your pets and your house plants. If you haven’t been fertilizing your greenery, plan to this afternoon. Advantageous colours are soft coral and carnation pink. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.

Libra: Your creative energy is increased in your fifth house of romance,children and speculation today. If you’ve been stumped or suffering writer’s block, inspiration is on the way. Make time in your busy schedule for play this afternoon. There could be a big win for you, in love, or in money. A little risk-taking is in order. If you have kids, you’ll find them fascinating. Fortunate colours are chrome yellow and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 5 and 17.

Scorpio: A fortunate energy surrounds your home and family, sending you on a trip down memory lane. Go ahead and indulge in all your old favourites. Put a copy of StarWars, Lord of the Rings or Grease on the DVD instead of watching the newscast on television tonight. Escape into the past for a while. However, if you have been considering starting a new venture, today is just the day! Fortunate colours are lilac and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 4 and 7.

Sagittarius: As the Moon dances with fortunate Jupiter, you’ll get good news in your neighbourhood. Siblings may drop in for a chat and this is a good time to express yourself. Luck is on your side and putting your feelings out there on a blog, or a forum will help you put everything into perspective. Advantageous colours are royal purple and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 3 and 24.

Capricorn: The Moon in your second house of personal finances, helps you to get back in touch with your material needs. It seems that the more you give to the Universe, the more you receive, so do not doubt your personal security. Today is fortunate for you, so long as you do not overspend. Everything will work out for you. Have faith. Beneficial colours are pale yellow and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.

Aquarius: It’s a truly excellent day as the Moon kisses Jupiter in your sign. Your emotional energy is restored and others notice your rosy glow; expect to get more attention than usual. You’ll have extra charm and magnetism, so ask for what you want now. Favourable colours are warm brown and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 1 and 5.

Pisces: Sensitive Fish will be blessed today, as hidden benefits emerge. The Moon dances with your life-rulers Jupiter and Neptune in your twelfth house for most of the day, bringing excitement and energy, along with increased psychic power. Tonight your emotional energy is restored as the Moon enters your sign. Fortunate colours are purple sage and sea green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.

Geminian Depp, Jolie, McCartney


Sign of the month, Gemini, the Twins, is curious, talkative, versatile and mentally active. The people who were born under the Gemini Sun, widely known for their dual personalities and ability to change mood from moment to moment. Although they hate to be tied down, they make lively, entertaining and romantic partners, even if they can be rather fickle if bored or unhappy.

The twin sides of their nature are perpetually pulling in opposite directions. Their brains are subtle and brilliant but they usually “lack continuity of purpose”. Of all people they are the most difficult to understand; in temperament they are hot and cold almost at the same moment. They love with one side of their nature and they are often critical or dislike with the other people. Their sharp wit and excellent powers of observation make them a good raconteur, although they have a tendency to exaggerate which can cause trouble with their relationships.

It is difficult even for them to understand what they want to achieve. At heart they are ambitious for social position; but when obtained they have already tired of it, and are ready to go in for something else or for something totally opposite. Being natural communicators these people do not suffer fools gladly; so once they are attracted to people, they have to ensure that they are not dull or mundane. They will no doubt spending ages chatting to anyone about every subject under the sun, just to keep feeding their ever active and inquisitive mind.

If taken as they are, in their own moods, they are the most delightful people imaginable, but one must not attempt to hold them or to expect them to be constant to their ideas or plans. They believe they are truthful, constant, faithful, and so they may be at the moment, but every moment to them has a separate existence. These people have an ability to see quickly the weak points in those they meet, and can reduce all to nothing by wit, sarcasm, or mimicry. Almost all of them are great talkers and usually very much in demand socially because they are so entertaining. Gemini is the life of the party. They often succeed the best, as far as money is concerned, but their more suitable career is generally that which requires diplomacy, tact, and finesse. The representatives of lower types are unscrupulous in finance and untruthful. They often make successful gamblers and company promoters of “get-rich-quick” schemes.

Either type make hosts of friends and are kind-hearted and generous to the person who fills their thoughts at the moment, but “out of sight, out of mind” explains their fits of “forgetfulness” as nothing else can. In all matters of affection they are human puzzles. They can love passionately and yet be inconstant at the same moment, and it is only their shield of diplomacy and exquisite tact that keeps them from often making a mess of their lives.


Geminian Johnny Depp
Born on June 9, 1963, Owensboro, KY, US. Cinemas bad boy probably doesnt care if you like his movies or not, but chances are you will. Gemini Johnny Depp has shone like a star in a slew of films both big-budget and small, and is an indie mainstay (bringing his star presence to such films as Edward Scissorhands, Dead Man and Whats Eating Gilbert Grape). A truly prolific actor at a relatively young age, he has played opposite several of the greats, including Marlon Brando (in Don Juan de Marco) and Dennis Hopper (in The Source), and has worked with many truly amazing directors, including John Waters, Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam and Jim Jarmusch. His best-known roles, however, may be as Winonas ex and the hilariously over-the-top pirate captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean. His favorite role to date, though, seems to be that of doting daddy. He has a family with French actress Vanessa Paradis; of their daughter, he said, Without question, this is the greatest thing Ive done in my life. What do the stars have to say about this hot star?

Born under a Gemini Sun, Depp is incredibly versatile, a facile communicator who can easily do three things at once. For Depp, talking, facts and trivia are all a form of sport, but his Sun Trine Saturn brings a sweetly serious side to a potentially flaky or happy-go-lucky Sign. This aspect means Depp has realistic goals in mind and is a diligent, prudent worker. Instead of being all talk, he backs up his constantly-coming ideas with solid action.

His Capricorn Moon gives Depp that ambitious edge and the ability to wa
it for things to come to him. This Moon placement may make him a bit cool or restrained in the love department, but its a wonder for his career. Alls not lost for Depps love life, however, his Moon interacts with several of his other Planets, effectively softening him up and saving the day. First, its Square Jupiter, which may make him too much of a softie, with a real vulnerability for sob stories. His Moon Sextile Neptune lends him a very healthy dose of intuition and possibly even psychic abilities, and Trine Pluto gives him tremendous emotional strength. Furthermore, his Mercury Conjunct Venus in Taurus makes him a charming and affectionate lover.

His love relationships are also likely to be tied to his career and reputation, since the Mercury-Venus Conjunction lies in his Tenth House of Social Status. We could attribute his relationships with Paradis and exes Winona Ryder, Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey and Kate Moss to this Tenth House Venus influence, or we could just chalk those relationships up to Depps status as one of the Hollywood elite. For an actor as recognizable (and lusted after) as him, it would be hard to connect with anyone not in the business. What we can infer from the stars is that Depps is one hectic love life, his Venus Squares both Mars and Uranus, making him incredibly sexy and attractive but throwing a chaotic, intense element into the mix.

Depp’s darker side comes to view via Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. He may seem quiet and mild-mannered, but underneath this slick veneer is someone who could lose it if the housecleaner messed up his desk. He has some diametrically opposed impulses at war within him, namely the urge to be reckless and rebellious (Mercury Square Uranus, Mars Conjunct Uranus) versus the urge toward conservatism and efficient perfectionism (this influence coming from Virgo and his Saturn aspects). With these planetary alignments, Depp would be well-served to tread lightly, although some might be attracted to this edgy aspect of his personality. Depp’s Mars Conjunct Pluto may be the most telling as to his overall impact on the general public. This aspect between the Planets of Passion and Power is what makes him so magnetically, sexily attractive, so incredibly ambitious, so passionate about his work.


Geminian Angelina Jolie
Born on June 4, 1975, Los Angeles, CA, US. Actress Angelina Jolies star is rising. With three, count em, Golden Globes under her belt (including Best Actress in the title role in HBOs Gia) and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Girl, Interrupted to boot, Jolie, an airy Gemini, should be flying high. The daughter of actor Jon Voight is a former model and a tattooed bad girl. She has held her own opposite the likes of Denzel Washington (in The Bone Collector) and Nicolas Cage (in Gone In Sixty Seconds), and her embodiment of Lara Croft Tomb Raider has definitely made her one to watch. Her tempestuous personal life has also garnered her lots of publicity and attention! Lets see what the stars have to say about what makes this beauty a star… Born under Geminis influence, Jolie was bound from the beginning to follow a careening path toward self-knowledge and enlightenment. Geminis have a great urge toward communication and self-expression, making acting a natural career choice; they also enjoy a constant, driving thirst for knowledge. They will not rely on the teachings of others, but instead must learn everything for themselves firsthand, regardless of the cost. Geminis may have difficulty in concentrating on one particular field or career for very long.Jolie is a true Gemini: As a child she wanted to be a funeral director, but then began attending the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater Institute at the tender (and precocious) age of 11. Next she went into modeling, and later entered film school at New York University. Now she is an established actress and one of Hollywoods hottest stars. But dont expect this leading lady to stick with acting for long, her intense desire to learn lifes lessons firsthand, coupled with her tendency to drop projects before theyre finished, will most likely lead her places even shell be surprised to go.

Gemini is an Air Sign, but Jolies a real firebrand. This could have something to do with the heavy Fire Sign influence in her chart: Both Mars and Jupiter, her Planets of Passion and Luck, reside in Fiery Aries, making Jolie a direct, aggressive and competitive person who goes after what she wants on impulse without a backwards glance. Again, these planets position in Aries influences Jolies courageous, carefree enthusiasm for life, as well as her frequent inability to finish what she started. One great lifes lesson for her will be to learn to ground herself and commit to one project or undertaking, or person.

Venus, the Planet of Love, resides in Cancer in Jolies chart. For her, marriage means security. She has a tendency to cling to those she loves, whether romantically or platonically (in her Oscar acceptance speech on March 26, 2000, she tearfully proclaimed her undying love for her brother). Her marriage to British actor Jonny Lee Miller didnt last long. Jonnys a Scorpio, thats a Water Sign, which may help explain their split. Jolies chart is almost completely lacking in Earth Signs; she may do best with an Earthy mate who provides her with the stability and practicality that she cant easily provide for herself.

Billy Bob Thornton wasn’t an Earth Sign, and wasn’t the lifelong mate for Jolie either. Jolies Mars in Aries makes her a doer, not a talker. She married Miller wearing black rubber pants and a tee shirt bearing his name on the back, written in her own blood. She married Thornton even though he was already engaged to someone else (actress Laura Dern). Is Jolie crazy or callous? Not necessarily, she simply feels and acts passionately. Her Moon Square Saturn, however, lends an inhibitive influence to her emotional life; as much as she wants love, as passionate as she can feel for another person, she may tend toward despondency and discouragement in her love life. She would benefit from learning to be more trusting and optimistic.

Jolie, French for pretty, is actually Angelinas middle name. The strong Gemini influence in Angelinas chart makes her totally unwilling to ride on her famous actor fathers Hollywood coat tails. Her Mercury is in Gemini as well, lending her an agile, perceptive mind and the ability to think logically. Her Saturn is in Cancer, which will benefit her well on her course through life: Whether she continues with acting or finds another form of self-expression, she is graced with the tenacity to continue on any course she chooses, regardless of any obstacles that may arise. She does not want anyones sympathy; rather, she wants to solve her own problems without anyones help. If she can take care that her energies do not become divided (her Jupiter in Aries frequently leads her to overextend herself), she is likely to go far and find the peace and knowledge that she seeks.


Geminian Paul McCartney
Born on June 18, 1942, Liverpool, England. Paul McCartney hardly needs introduction. Lauded as the greatest pop composer of all time (along with fellow Beatle John Lennon), this onetime Beatles bassist has been a rising star since he was just a kid, back in 1960 when the group first formed in Liverpool, England. McCartney even holds a few Guinness World Records (most records sold and most number one songs, among others). In 1996, he was awarded knighthood during the annual British Honours List. And McCartney is one of the richest rock stars in the world. In spite of these astronomical successes, however, he has also borne his fair share of hardships. In 1980, he lost his longtime friend and former band mate, John Lennon; then, in 1998, his wife of 29 years, Linda McCartney, lost her battle with breast cancer. After an intense grieving period (in Classic FM, a British magazine, McCartney said, I thought I might be dead by the end of the [first] year, it would just be so unbearable), McCartney found love again two years later with humanitarian activist Heather Mills, a former model twenty-five years his junior. What do the stars have to say about this mans ubiquitous influence, his style of loving and his future?

McCartneys Sun Sign is in Gemini, an Air Sign that rules intense communication and intellectual pursuits. His chart is actually full of Geminis influence: Not only his Sun Sign, but also his Mercury, Saturn and Uranus lie in Gemini. Uranus in Gemini points to inventiveness and ingenuity, and Mercury in Gemini indicates an avid curiosity and the desire to learn. McCartney has a quick mind for logical, original thought. His Saturn in Gemini lends itself to the sound judgment that aids and tempers the free expression of his ideas, an element necessary to any artists (or activists) success. These qualities of self-expression are further enhanced by his Mars in Leo, which indicates his excellent leadership abilities and drive for power. His ambition and initiative are backed up by determination and confidence, making quite a winning combo. This urge to succeed is not just a desire for material or social support: For McCartney, its an issue of pride.

In addition to his music, McCartney has done ongoing work as a political activist, spokesman and financial supporter of many charities. Much of his charity work has centered on the importance of animal rights and the benefits of vegetarianism, a focus which could be influenced by Neptunes placement in Virgo in his chart, as well as Jupiters in Cancer. Neptune in Virgo points to an interest in spiritual healing, holistic medicine and a concern for the nutritional needs of himself and others. Jupiter in Cancer denotes a desire to shelter the homeless and feed the hungry. McCartneys first concern, of course, is always his family, and he uses that forum from which to express his political philosophies.

People with a Leo Moon generally take intense pride in their home and family. McCartneys Moon in Leo helps speak to his love of children: He had three with Linda and adopted Lindas daughter from a previous marriage, and now has a family with Heather Mills as well. McCartneys Venus in Taurus helps further explain his relationship with Linda; how many rock stars stay married until death do us part? Those with Venus in Taurus tend to create lasting friendships, serious romantic links and permanent marital bonds. McCartneys love for model-activist Heather Mills also makes sense, despite their considerable age difference. Her activism most likely appealed to him strongly (her own personal tragedy, the loss of the lower half of her left leg in 1993, led her to found the Heather Mills Health Trust, dedicated to recycling artificial limbs for land mine victims in war-torn countries). Mills is an Aquarius; generally, relationships between these two Air Signs are full of light and laughter, adventure and excitement. They are able to respect and allow one anothers independence and the freedom to express themselves. McCartney and Mills may even have some kind of psychic connection, some deep, inner draw toward one another, possibly resulting from past life ties.

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Venus Hooks Up With Pluto

astrology006The fiery Aries Moon is totally pumped up today, for it joins energetic Mars to align our actions with our feelings. Additionally, quicksilver Mercury creates an exciting sextile with out-of-the-box Uranus, spicing the day with interesting conversations, unexpected wit and clever repartee. But something else is pulling us into weird places now as sexy Venus hooks up with passionate Pluto in a complex septile that defies rational understanding.

Aries: You need to be on guard today against your own tendency to respond too quickly when someone interacts with you. Your intensity might be mistaken for anger, but then again, you could actually be angry and not even know it. Either way, take a few deep breaths to check in with your inner world before unconsciously spewing your unresolved emotions onto friends and family.

Taurus: You may wake up from one of those really strange dreams where everything appears so vivid, yet it seems to make no sense, however you try to interpret it. If you are reminded of the nonsensical symbols during the day when something odd happens, it instantaneously brings the entire sequence back into awareness. Don’t try to force meaning onto the mysterious messages from your subconscious. They will work their magic if you simply remember them.

Gemini: Your key planet Mercury is stimulated today by erratic Uranus, challenging you to find an even pace to your day. Thoughts and activities come in spurts; you’re busy one moment and then nothing’s happening the next. Nevertheless, you might not have a problem with this kind of energetic flow because you believe there’s a satisfying surprise for you lurking just beyond the horizon.

Cancer: Others may see you as playing the role of a mother hen, but that’s just because you know what to do and are annoyed that no one else seems to have a clue today. You are willing to jump right in and help, but first it’s wise to make sure that everyone really wants your assistance. If you act out of obligation, your good deeds will only be seen as meddling. But if you act out of love, your presence can be a healing force.

Leo: Today you may find yourself dealing with an unresolved issue at work that already crossed your desk once before in the past week or two. You might be irritated that this pesky situation has resurfaced, but rest assured that it’s a blessing in disguise. Take this second chance to reconsider your previous actions. If, however, you cannot change your plans, they still may need a bit of revision later on.

Virgo: Your key planet Mercury is wired for sound today as its sextile to ingenious Uranus fills your head with the freeing music of radical thoughts. It’s difficult for you to sing along on a traditional song; you’d rather go it alone so you can make up something new and different. Don’t compromise for the sake of maintaining harmony. If a group needs to fall apart; let it. Your relationships with others will be reestablished on a much firmer footing after you have some time on your own.

Libra: Your key planet Venus is in touch with strange tales from the shadows of Pluto’s underworld today, but it’s difficult to know what to do with your stories. The best of your recent experiences may not be appropriate for sharing in all social circumstances. Before you start telling tales consider your audience to make sure that you’re not opening your mouth and inserting your foot.

Scorpio: The Moon aligns with your traditional ruling planet warrior Mars in your 6th House of Work, suggesting that you might need to lose your temper in order to establish or reestablish an important boundary. It may be difficult to know when your job is finished, because you are not following a play-by-play instruction book. Take your time and remember that it’s harder to end an old pattern than it is to start a new one.

Sagittarius: Hope may have been the guiding factor for you recently, but you’re entering a phase where the present moment is more significant than any future possibility. Nevertheless, your utopian dreams don’t need to be shelved; they just need to be moved into the here and now. Instead of compartmentalizing everything, it’s crucial now to keep your life from becoming overly complex.

Capricorn: You might not need to follow all the rules to the letter today since it feels as if you are answering to a higher authority. This is not cosmic permission to perpetuate destructive or reckless behavior; it’s just an invitation to be wickedly ingenious. No matter what you do now, remember that it’s still not a good idea to get caught.

Aquarius: Quick-footed Mercury is zapped by your ruling planet Uranus, the Awakener. There’s no reason to attempt to control this thrilling joyride for the mind. Just fasten your seat belt and let your thoughts take you wherever they will. Although it may feel as if nothing useful will come from this exciting little junket, you could return with an altered perspective that can help you deal with a situation that’s in your real life.

Pisces: It’s challenging for you to make choices today, for reality is peppered with ideas and concepts that have leaked through from your imagination. The bad news is that you may not be able to distinguish the truth from fiction. The good news is that this overflow from your dreams surely makes your life more interesting. Don’t force an issue now; if possible wait until tomorrow to decide.