Moon Enters Sagittarius

moon002It’s tough to manage our feelings when the Moon enters cavalier Sagittarius at 10:10 am EDT. We need to express ourselves in a big way without regard for the consequences, yet in our haste to be heard we could miss something important. We may believe that we are running out of time as clever Mercury ends his visit to witty Gemini and enters the kinder and gentler world of Cancer the Crab today. However, a speedy response doesn’t make it the right one.

Aries: You are still not receiving the mandatory memo of self-restraint and the fiery Sagittarius Moon won’t likely help you out today. In fact, you may feel as if the signs are encouraging you to do it all when you really don’t have the energy to sustain so much activity. Do yourself a favor and just say no, rather than spreading yourself too thin and disappointing everyone involved.

Taurus: It’s tempting for you to overspend on something today and then regret it. You might feel like you’ll lose your chance if you don’t make your purchase right away. But this is an illusion; the sense of urgency you feel is more self-imposed than based on real circumstances. You will make a better decision if you take more time to consider your options before buying anything now.

Gemini: Your key planet Mercury has been dancing in your interactive sign for the past few weeks, encouraging you to be even more sociable than usual. But now, even if another party sounds like fun, you don’t have as much to say with the communication planet in quiet Cancer. Friends or family may urge you to get back in the game, but you don’t need to succumb to their pressure. Follow the guidance of your inner voice.

Cancer: You may have big ideas today about what you intend to do at work, but even your best-laid plans could be set aside if you get distracted by something else. It’s not that your energy is scattered; it’s just that you can grow bored of doing what’s on your list. Give yourself permission to draw outside of the lines today, but make sure you follow through on whatever you start.

Leo: You are of two minds today. On one hand, you’re enthusiastic about playing with your friends. Fun and games are high on your list of things to do. But you are also weary of always being the one who makes things happen. You need some downtime and the idea of going off by yourself for a while sounds delightful. Fortunately, it’s not an either/or situation, so schedule some time for both.

Virgo: You may be at odds with yourself today because you cannot find a comfortable position between too much and not enough. Although you are usually skilled at handling details, your current optimism makes it easy for you to take on more than you can deliver because you are missing crucial pieces of information. It’s okay to let your mind run away with the possibilities, but keep reminding yourself that common sense is your biggest asset.

Libra: The way you seek balance today may seem strange to others. For the first part of the day, you tend toward expansive and opportunistic thinking. Everything appears better than it actually is. But then you become concerned that you took something too far and may overcompensate by seeing potential problems everywhere you look. Naturally, the truth is somewhere in the middle, and it may be healthier in the long run to temper both extremes from the start.

Scorpio: Although you may be more positive about where things are going in your life, you aren’t ready to let go of all your concerns. You know that your success depends upon moving carefully now; if you proceed too fast, you could jeopardize what you have already gained. Keep your attention focused on the ultimate goal, but watch where you walk as you take one cautious step after another.

Sagittarius: The Moon’s return to your sign today reminds you how important your feelings are, even if you sometimes override them when they get in the way of your excitement. Now, however, you cannot avoid your emotions by simply choosing to ignore them. The volatility of your mood swings are a vital indicator of your emotional well-being. Your greatest strength is a deep connection to your heart.

Capricorn: You may feel quite talkative today, yet still want to be left alone. You aren’t up for the noise of too much social interaction and would do well to avoid parties and other gatherings of large groups of people. You would do better now in a meaningful one-on-one conversation with someone who seeks you out, rather than trying to be accepted by a club or a clique.

Aquarius: You are buzzing again today, but for different reasons than yesterday. Instead of being drawn to do something new, now you want to be among your peers. You need the support and feedback of your friends and will do what’s necessary to feel connected to your tribe. In the meantime, don’t forget about your obligations; you don’t have to make a bunch of noise or receive tons of attention to get the job done right.

Pisces: Your vision seems to capture the imagination of others now, which can lead you into a position of authority. You aren’t necessarily yearning to be the boss, yet you may be among the few who actually know what’s going on. So, as a member of the community you cannot say no when asked to assume a leadership role. Step up to the plate and play out your part as the person in charge.


Moon Conjuncts Venus

moon001The steadfast Taurus Moon holds the lid on reality today. We are able to concentrate on what’s happening because we choose to keep our lives as simple as we possibly can. Luckily, the Moon conjuncts lovely Venus, strong in her home sign of Taurus now. Additionally, the Moon also joins energetic Mars, motivating us to keep pushing toward what we want. Finally, the Moon’s trine to hardworking Saturn indicates positive results from our extra efforts.

Aries: Often you don’t know how to be patient, but today you have the power to wait. You know there is fun to be had, but you also know that leaving your responsibilities unfinished will bring swift consequences. Set a pace that doesn’t tire you out too quickly. Work steadily until you accomplish as much as you can, and then reward yourself by going out and having a guilt-free, wonderful time.

Taurus: You are the epitome of determination and it’s possible to accomplish whatever you set your mind to now. But it’s one thing to state your intention; it’s something else to follow through and do it. Your certainty is unflappable, but you may require help getting motivated today. Instead of trying to do it on your own, don’t be afraid to ask your associates to work alongside you until you gain momentum.

Gemini: Your key planet Mercury is picking up strange messages from shadowy Pluto today and this can mess with your sense of reality. It seems as if everything makes perfect sense until something happens that reminds you how much there is beyond your understanding. But instead of wondering about the mysteries of the universe, refocus your attention on the tasks in front of you, for the simple act of completing a job will bring more satisfaction now than anything else.

Cancer: Your thought process might be impressive now, but you could feel somewhat unsure of yourself as you remember a prior incident when your plan wasn’t quite good enough. You may be a bit wobbly as you try to regain your lost confidence. Don’t act tougher than you are; lean on your friends, for they can be the steady pillar that you so desperately need.

Leo: There’s no need to doubt yourself today for your intuition is right on track. But it’s also not necessary to get into an argument with someone, trying to justify your point of view. It really doesn’t matter now whether or not others understand why you have chosen your current path. Just give it your best and they will eventually see the wisdom in what you do.

Virgo: You may not set your goals very high today, but this is wise because it’s more important that you reach your destination than it is to exhaust yourself trying to go too far. Your greatest wisdom now comes from your common sense and that might mean working less and enjoying yourself more. Don’t worry if your productivity appears to be down; just remember that there is more going on than meets the eye.

Libra: The pleasure principle is your greatest motivating force today, and this can set you up to be judged by someone who thinks you are lazy. Nevertheless, you are willing to work extra hard if there’s something in it for you. But this attitude may be so out of character that others see you as being selfish. Keep in mind that taking care of your own needs on occasion can replenish your vital energy and leave you with more to give to those you love.

Scorpio: A close friend or partner may tell you exactly what you need to know today when he or she firmly reminds you that you turned a simple problem into an unsolvable dilemma. No one doubts that you must overcome an obstacle, but you might have lost your ability to keep things in perspective. This isn’t a smart time to get self-righteous and close down to the advice of others. Keep an open mind even if, at first, it doesn’t sound like what you want to hear.

Sagittarius: This may be the day you’ve been waiting for if you have been thinking about making a change to your health regimen, diet or exercise program. It could be easier than usual for you to improve one small aspect of your overall routine, yet the tiniest incremental step could be just the thing you need to set larger changes into motion. Remember, don’t set yourself up for failure by taking on too much at once. For now, think small.

Capricorn: Three planets in your 5th House of Fun and Games can distract you from firming up your plans for the next few months. It’s tricky; this can be a counter-intuitive day. If you feel good, you might get lazy and attempt to justify your lack of initiative. But this is not the best approach to take now, even if you are able to get by without much effort. The real work at hand is mapping out your future.

Aquarius: Sometimes you look back on your life and think about all those things that went wrong and all the times you failed. But now the memories help you to remain grounded because you can remember positive aspects to your origins. This healthy nostalgia is therapeutic and can make you a happier person. Just don’t forget to return to the present moment once you’re done reminiscing.

Pisces: If you have siblings, they may play an active role in your life today. If not, your closest friends could easily step in to give you the kind of support you need to feel secure. But don’t go overboard in your attempt to establish connections with those around you. If you try too hard, you could inadvertently create more distance between yourself and someone special.

Our Expectations Extraordinarily High

astrology008The conceptual Aquarius Moon shapes the first part of our day and her alignment with the visionary Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter superconjunction can motivate us to set our expectations extraordinarily high. The Moon’s entry into compassionate Pisces at 5:32 pm EDT shifts our perceptual framework from an intellectual to an emotional one. But it’s logical Mercury’s late night entry into jittery Gemini that gets us thinking about how to put it all together.
Aries: Your intuition is right on target, as it is a fortunate and imaginative day. Expect good news and useful info from friends. While the Moon activates your psychic faculties, you should look below the surface. Make sure you get plenty of sleep tonight. as you may be low on energy tomorrow. Auspicious colours are lavender and midnight blue. Lucky numbers are 3 and 21.

Taurus: The planetary powers are working hard for you in the public sphere, so your career should take a leap forward. This could be through the way your own personal magnetism draws in foreigners and artists, or because you get lucky whilst travelling. It is a good day for getting things done and working with authority figures. Expect some excellent news and a bit of good luck for a change! Beneficial colours are cobalt blue and neon red. Lucky numbers are 11 and 15.

Gemini: Enjoy your luck, as the Moon dances with fortunate Jupiter and imaginative Neptune in your ninth house of the higher mind. Make friends with people who are a bit out of your usual sphere. It will be worth the effort to try something different or travel somewhere new. Experience the cuisine and art of neighbouring towns and cities for an illuminating experience. Religious, spiritual and educational opportunities are expanded. Beneficial colours are light blue and dove grey. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.

Cancer: The mysterious Moon in your eighth house of sex, money and power is in fortunate conjunction with generous Jupiter and intuitive Neptune. If you are in a loving intimate relationship, this is a wonderful time to increase closeness. Show you care by serving the one you love. Beneficial colours are shimmering green and regal purple. Lucky numbers are 9 and 18.

Leo: Your most vital relationships are energised and fortunate today, Leo. Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground, as your primary competitors are energised too! Use this power positively by working with your partner or spouse. There’s a nice, lucky energy floating around you. Auspicious colours are bright gold and misty blue. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.

Virgo: Be especially conscientious today, Virgo, as the planetary energies could pay off for you. Take good care of yourself so you can be more efficient in your work; there is much satisfaction in good health and competence. This is also a good time to tend to your pets and your house plants. If you haven’t been fertilizing your greenery, plan to this afternoon. Advantageous colours are soft coral and carnation pink. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.

Libra: Your creative energy is increased in your fifth house of romance,children and speculation today. If you’ve been stumped or suffering writer’s block, inspiration is on the way. Make time in your busy schedule for play this afternoon. There could be a big win for you, in love, or in money. A little risk-taking is in order. If you have kids, you’ll find them fascinating. Fortunate colours are chrome yellow and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 5 and 17.

Scorpio: A fortunate energy surrounds your home and family, sending you on a trip down memory lane. Go ahead and indulge in all your old favourites. Put a copy of StarWars, Lord of the Rings or Grease on the DVD instead of watching the newscast on television tonight. Escape into the past for a while. However, if you have been considering starting a new venture, today is just the day! Fortunate colours are lilac and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 4 and 7.

Sagittarius: As the Moon dances with fortunate Jupiter, you’ll get good news in your neighbourhood. Siblings may drop in for a chat and this is a good time to express yourself. Luck is on your side and putting your feelings out there on a blog, or a forum will help you put everything into perspective. Advantageous colours are royal purple and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 3 and 24.

Capricorn: The Moon in your second house of personal finances, helps you to get back in touch with your material needs. It seems that the more you give to the Universe, the more you receive, so do not doubt your personal security. Today is fortunate for you, so long as you do not overspend. Everything will work out for you. Have faith. Beneficial colours are pale yellow and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.

Aquarius: It’s a truly excellent day as the Moon kisses Jupiter in your sign. Your emotional energy is restored and others notice your rosy glow; expect to get more attention than usual. You’ll have extra charm and magnetism, so ask for what you want now. Favourable colours are warm brown and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 1 and 5.

Pisces: Sensitive Fish will be blessed today, as hidden benefits emerge. The Moon dances with your life-rulers Jupiter and Neptune in your twelfth house for most of the day, bringing excitement and energy, along with increased psychic power. Tonight your emotional energy is restored as the Moon enters your sign. Fortunate colours are purple sage and sea green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.

Venus Forms a Superconductive Trine

venus002Although we are now moving away from the contradictions of yesterday’s Full Moon, the cosmic energies are still quite intense. Venus the Lover forms a superconductive trine with Pluto the Transformer as sweet romanticism morphs into intense passion. Meanwhile, the Moon enters serious Capricorn at 3:59 pm EDT and conjoins ruthless Pluto a few hours later. No longer are we dreaming of an idyllic future; we are emotionally engaged and playing for keeps.

Aries: Your intuition tells you that it’s a good idea to follow your feelings today, even if they lead you into unknown territory. You may be uncomfortable with the idea of giving up some of your freedom, yet this may be a small price to pay for establishing a special connection with a powerful person. Keep in mind that consciously limiting your options to get something in return can actually feel good in the long run.

Taurus: Being happy isn’t only about feeling good today; it’s also about aligning your emotions with a higher purpose. Luckily, it’s easier to accomplish your goals now that your head and your heart are in tune with each other. You know what you must do to attract wealth and to express love, so don’t let uncertainty limit your options. Dream big and be ready to go for the gold.

Gemini: Slowing down enough to sink into your emotions can be a challenge, especially if you are afraid of your own shadow. Once you allow the noise of the day to fall away, you might be pulled into the dark recesses of your imagination where clever words are no longer sufficient to bring you back into the light. If, however, you have the courage to wait it out, negativity will fade and you will return with treasures from your journey within.

Cancer: You are more than ready to handle the intensity of someone else’s fears today because you have already faced your own inner demons. It’s not that you have all the answers; it’s just that you are now willing to bear witness to the process of others without feeling threatened yourself. But don’t underestimate the commitment that is required; this is serious work and your compassion will not go unnoticed.

Leo: It might be hard to find the uplifting needle in a haystack of doom and gloom today, but your search will probably uncover important realizations that can change your day for the better. You are learning a lot about maintaining your own emotional health now, yet what you discover may not be what you expect. This isn’t an easy journey, but digging beneath the surface changes your perspective and gives you a whole new point of view.

Virgo: Your emotional strength is returning and even the most challenging obstacle in your path won’t likely slow you down very much today. Naturally, you will have to concentrate your efforts on any serious issue that arises, but you’ll probably do so with a positive attitude. Luckily, this isn’t about being a Pollyanna; in fact, it’s your unwavering critical thinking that enables you to see through the camouflage and effectively cut to the chase.

Libra: As hard as you try to avoid it, you still might be pulled into a complex emotional drama that raises an old issue for you. Fortunately, the present circumstances are not very threatening, yet they could remind you of a previous power struggle when you weren’t in control of your feelings. Don’t look back, for your history elicits fear and tempts you to limit your current options. Instead, consider the future possibilities; whatever you put your mind to now has the potential of becoming real.

Scorpio: Today your power comes from your magical ability to undergo metamorphosis. You are like the legendary Phoenix, arising from the ashes as the Moon joins your key planet Pluto and harmonizes with magnetic Venus. Others might be fearful of such dramatic change, but you know the futility of resisting these waves of evolution. Going with the emotional flow now is not a sign of weakness; it’s your greatest strength.

Sagittarius: Although you can argue about the veracity of a fact, it’s pointless today to do battle over a difference of opinion. Understanding your beliefs, however, allows you to keep them separate from the hard facts. This important distinction is helpful now, and minimizes your chance of getting into a disagreement over a topic where there can never be a clear winner.

Capricorn: The ambitious Capricorn Moon conjoins relentless Pluto today in your 1st House of Physicality. It’s not likely that you’ll be sweet-talked into giving up your position, yet you could perform a bit of gentle persuasion yourself. You may be overly stubborn now, even narrowly rigid in your actions, but it’s because you feel like you have so much to lose. Instead of trying to protect yourself, go out and do something creative in order to mix up the energy.

Aquarius: Anything you keep to yourself now can carry even more weight than something you reveal. But this is not a call to tell everything to everybody; there are many things that are best left unsaid. Just think through your own motives for sharing and then choose the best time to talk. If you have a purpose for expressing what’s in your heart, then your current communication will ideally bring an important feeling into the open.

Pisces: There’s no doubt about it; the sharpness of your practical analysis today pushes you to make an important decision about your feelings. But paradoxically, you might feel like you’re temporarily lost in the desert in search of an oasis. Even though you exhibit strength of purpose in your current choices, an uncharacteristic lack of emotional commitment can be problematic. Deciding with your head is not as long-lasting as relying on your heart.

Mercury in Its First Day of Direct Motion

mercurydirect001We seem to be mentally active today with the Moon in picky Virgo and the Sun in curious Gemini; both of these signs are ruled by communicator Mercury, now in its first day of direct motion. However, upon deeper analysis, the energy is more grounded than it first appears with action-packed Mars entering stable Taurus. Virgo, like Taurus, is a practical earth sign, and the Moon’s conjunction with realistic Saturn here tells the rest of the story.

Aries: You have been flying high on so many levels for the past several months that you cannot help but notice when your ruling planet Mars leaves your sign today for the bucolic pastures of verdant Taurus. It’s hard to know whether you should feel anxious when everything slows down so quickly or if it’s smarter to acknowledge your relief. Just keep in mind that nothing’s wrong; it’s simply time for you to move a little slower.

Taurus: Assertive Mars enters your sign today for a six-week visit to fire up your enthusiasm and motivate you to be more proactive. Instead of waiting for opportunities to come your way now, go out and find them. But don’t waste your energy on non-essential tasks. Take your time and decide what makes the most sense before you commit to something that doesn’t matter in the long run.

Gemini: If something happens today that’s beyond your control, don’t give up and withdraw your energy, even if you are tempted to retreat. Granted, you might need a little time to regroup as you think about your next line of attack. But don’t confuse a minor setback with defeat. Even if you lose a battle, you can still win the war.

Cancer: You might feel more social today, but others probably won’t realize it because your caution can mask your enthusiasm. Nevertheless, you are eager to have quality interactions with your friends and family, yet you’re not particularly interested in wasting time just going through the motions. Don’t try to justify your desire for more meaning in your life; just act in a manner that expresses your sincere intentions.

Leo: You want to be spontaneous, yet playful activities may seem immature or even out of place today because your mind is set on more important things. Part of your current intelligence is your wisdom to set practical goals that are fully attainable. Your ambitions may not be as grandiose as you like, but there’s still much for you to do, so save the partying for another day and get to work.

Virgo: The Moon’s conjunction with sobering Saturn in your sign today is an indication of your current mindset. You are willing to put in the extra effort when you know exactly what you will receive in return for your hard work. Nevertheless, it may be challenging to settle your energy when you are also concerned about unfinished projects. Don’t be overly self-critical; give yourself a few days to complete old business before making a final judgment.

Libra: It might feel as if an era is coming to a close today, but it’s really not anything that big. Still, your life is changing as you respond to the cooling of someone’s energy. Keep in mind that everything goes through phases. Allow others the personal space to retreat emotionally without turning the situation into a melodrama based on your fear of abandonment.

Scorpio: It’s smart to finish up your chores early today, because other people are beginning to make more demands on your time, leaving your schedule stretched thin. You might run into resistance from the very same people who usually support you, but don’t be overly concerned. This is not a long-term problem; it’s merely reminding you not to depend on others for the motivation you should receive from within yourself.

Sagittarius: You may need to exercise your authority today, but telling others what to do may not be your best option. You could run into unexpected resistance if you assume that you are in control and that everyone should listen to you. It may be a smarter strategy to demonstrate how responsible you can be through self-discipline. Acting like an adult is surely more effective than demanding that someone else should grow up.

Capricorn: You may be contemplating a change in your tactics today, for you have been working too hard and aren’t getting as much accomplished as you want. The Moon’s conjunction to your ruling planet Saturn can force you back to the drawing board. Luckily, your greatest strength is your ability to make a sound plan now and then follow through with the execution later on.

Aquarius: You may not like the feeling you’re getting about what’s ahead because you are already taking your work quite seriously and it doesn’t seem to be enough. Perhaps you’ve been so focused lately that you don’t have enough time to spend with a loved one or with your family. You can work as hard as anyone, but it’s wiser now to work smarter instead of longer.

Pisces: The sensitive Moon’s conjunction with judgmental Saturn in your 7th House of Partners indicates how difficult it is for you to meet someone else’s standards today. Others may be making impossible demands on you, but you cannot just walk away now and ignore them. Getting angry won’t solve anything; it will only escalate the tension. You might not want to remain silent, but your best strategy could be to grit your teeth and just work even harder for a day or two.

Mercury Holds Still in the Sky

astrology007This is a day filled with thoughts and words as Mercury the Messenger holds still in the sky, ending its 23-day retrograde cycle. Although it will take a few days before we begin to see real movement, we can already tell that we’ve reached a turning point. Meanwhile, the Moon enters Mercury’s home sign of analytical Virgo, to raise the volume on communication and organization, although the effects of this may be more internal than external for now.

 Aries: You may feel as if your senses are on high alert status, and your perceptions register every nuance in your environment. But you might be so sensitive today that you notice some things that aren’t really there. Be careful about being so precise that you’re actually making up stories to justify what’s in your imagination.

Taurus: Although everyone else seems out of step with reality, you are marching to a reliable drummer today as the Moon enters a fellow earth sign. You can still keep a steady pace, even when fleet footed Mercury screeches to a halt in determined Taurus. Nevertheless, you can work yourself into a state of high anxiety if you believe that you must finish everything you start now. Fortunately, you know how to practice patience.

Gemini: Your key planet Mercury resumes its direct motion today, emphasizing all forms of communication. You may think you’re being so very clever now, only to discover that you have actually outsmarted yourself. Being sharp is one thing, but sometimes it’s more useful to stick to the game plan and not let your curiosity tempt you to go looking for answers to questions that haven’t even been asked yet.

Cancer: It feels as if you’ve gone over your calendar one too many times and there’s no simple way to fit everything in. You’re just going to have to decide what should be eliminated. Unfortunately, the process of narrowing your current field of vision might be easier to talk about than to actually turn into reality. Nevertheless, you’ll feel a lot better once you pick a few things on your current schedule and just say no without feeling guilty.

Leo: You might feel as if you’ve lost your momentum at work or, perhaps, your status within your community has suffered. Now, however, you are ready to make a stand, for things have slipped backwards far enough. But don’t get sidetracked with what others think about you. Instead, concentrate on your goals and simply try to meet your own expectations.

Virgo: You are pulled between two different ways of relating to your world today as the Moon enters your analytical sign this morning and then squares the Sun in clever Gemini later this evening. Intuitively, you want to limit the incoming data to include only what is useful to your current situation. Nevertheless, you gather as much information as you can, regardless of its veracity or applicability. Don’t worry about wasting energy now; your current actions will make sense to you soon enough.

Libra: Others may be pressuring you to finish what you’ve been working on, whether or not the current deadline makes sense. But you may not be able to fully appreciate the larger time frame that can help justify a seemingly impossible revision in your schedule. Don’t overreact; just do the best you can. If something must slip for a few days, let it. You’ll do more harm than good if you rush and turn in less than your best work.

Scorpio: It may be time for one of your periodic relationship talks with a friend or partner as the communication planet Mercury turns direct in your 7th House of Others. But you won’t be satisfied with a rerun of a recent conversation. You don’t want to look back; you need forward movement. Be patient, for it may take a few days before you see concrete results from what is said today.

Sagittarius: You are getting more concerned each day that your life is heading into a serious roadblock that will surely slow you down if it doesn’t force you to alter your direction. But it’s too soon to make that kind of major change today, even if you are already worried about it. Start by discussing the issues with someone you can trust, for the feedback you receive now will help you gain a better perspective on the whole situation.

Capricorn: Although this might be your day off, you are thankful that you finally have something more interesting to handle, even if it’s just planning your weekend or preparing for the week ahead. You can intuitively sense that just around the next bend, there’s a serious speed bump in the road and you better start slowing down right away in order to gain control of your life.

Aquarius: If you were a card in a Tarot deck, you would surely be the Magician, for you have your hands on some pretty powerful mojo now. It’s as if you can conjure up a solution to a complex problem by first sleeping on it and then imagining you know what to do. Something is happening on other planes of reality today that reach into this one to make the necessary changes just in the nick of time.

Pisces: You are like a fish out of water today with the Moon in dry Virgo, now moving through your 7th House of Others. You may be starving for emotional content in your life, yet your friends cannot or will not come through for you. But even if they could be as demonstrative as you wish, the Sun in whimsical Gemini has you changing what you want before you can actually get it anyway.

We are Restless

horoscopechart001The Moon breezes into airy Gemini at 2:33 am EDT, lifting our spirits off the earthly plane and into the realm of thought. We are restless, ready to start something new and eager to soar on the fickle winds of change. The Gemini New Moon at 8:11 am EDT is a confirmation of our anticipation. We know that something special is about to happen, yet it’s too soon to know exactly what it is. For now, being in the present moment may have to be enough.

Aries: You may feel refreshed and raring to go today, even if you didn’t have a good night of sleep. You like the movement you feel from the New Moon in Gemini and are excited about starting your day. Just don’t overload it with a lot of distractions or you may have to cope with being overtired this evening with little to show for your exhaustion.

Taurus: You might become annoyed at someone because the unsettling feeling of the Gemini New Moon can shorten your emotional fuse. On the other hand, you may express a thought that’s been on your mind for a while, but you kept waiting for the right time. This moment isn’t necessarily better than any other, but you’re more likely to say or do something now that increases the movement of energy, rather than sustaining the status quo.

Gemini: Today’s New Moon is in your sign, instilling you with a feeling of a fresh start. Actually, you are simultaneously at the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Consciously think about some facet of your life that is drawing to a close and then visualize whatever you wish to replace it. Bringing focused attention to your heart’s desires can help you to manifest what you want.

Cancer: Your moods may shift rapidly today, but you’re self-contained enough so that others may not realize the scale of your unsettled feelings. Whether or not you express your emotions, make sure that you stay fully aware of them. Remember, there may be a price to pay if you attempt to distract yourself from your inner world as you hide your true needs from others.

Leo: This can be quite a demanding day for you, yet you might enjoy it anyhow if you can set aside your preconceived notions of what should happen. You are not in control of what others in your social group do and yet you still might try to rein in the apparent diversity of your friends. Unfortunately, this tactic will only bring frustration. Practicing emotional detachment will go a long way toward alleviating the pressure today.

Virgo: Today’s New Moon is in your 10th House of Career, establishing a different direction for you at work over the next couple of weeks. But rather than waiting to see what happens and then reacting, you can be proactive by considering your options now. Thinking about the possibilities while you still have a bit of time will help you make better decisions in the days ahead.

Libra: You may have more spring in your step today, as if a new lightness of being has filtered all the way down to your toes. But your head, too, is affected as mental clouds that obscured the sky have now dispersed, allowing you to see the distant horizon. Luckily, the New Moon in your 9th House of Big Ideas can help you make exciting plans for your future. Give yourself permission to dream without worrying about the results.

Scorpio: Today’s airy Gemini New Moon falls in your 8th House of Intimate Sharing, reinforcing your desire to dig beneath the surface of lighthearted interactions. This is an important part of being a Scorpio, yet now you have the ability to explore the depths from an intellectual perspective without becoming overly attached. You must, however, pay careful attention, for you can still be overwhelmed by passion if you don’t consciously monitor what you feel in the process.

Sagittarius: It’s all about everyone else today, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have any less fun. The New Moon falls in your 7th House of Others, placing the emphasis on how you respond in relationships, rather than what you do on your own. But the cosmic lovers are still at play in your 5th House of Self-Expression, so your feelings won’t be entirely lost in the distractions of the day. Keep in mind that you may have to get creative in order to be seen.

Capricorn: It’s a struggle for you to remain serious today, even if you have responsibilities to fulfill. But the Gemini New Moon in your detail-oriented 6th House can scatter your energy as fast as you refocus it. And each time you concentrate again, something attractive comes along to pull you off your path and down an enjoyable detour. Instead of attempting to be productive, maybe it’s smarter to just kick back and see where the day takes you.

Aquarius: Don’t even bother to pretend you are working today, for a combination of pleasing planetary pressures can pull you into a veritable funhouse. You may have set your goals high, but the opportunity for enjoyment outweighs the rewards for hard work now. The New Moon in your 5th House of Spontaneity suggests that it’s better to throw your previous plans away and to make up new ones as you go along.

Pisces: There are so many things for you to do at home today that there’s no reason for you to go anywhere else. Others may think that your reclusion is a sign that something’s wrong, but turning down a party invitation is actually a sign that something’s right. Don’t worry now about what anyone else may say if the domestic 4th House New Moon prompts you to focus on your home and family.