Lucky Horoscopes of 2012

2012 started with a luck storm for some really lucky horoscopes. Here is the list of these lucky horoscopes until the end of this year, 2012. Luck will be with these horoscopes during the year 2012. And they can even … Continue reading

Pisces 2010 Horoscope

Pisces, the Fish is a fickle minded sun sign. It is also the last sun sign of the zodiac. It signifies conflicting and clashing signals with a deep and wavering mind. However, Pisces is a dynamic and agile fish! Pisces also signifies agility and quickness that may possibly the best indicators of nervousness and agitation of mind. Pisces is also a sign related to the soul and mind. Water is needed for survival! Without water, no one can survive. Pisceans are spiritual and conventional in nature with an agile and keen mind to explore things that are beyond their imagination. Piscean people are also very friendly, sentimental, sacrificing and generous. They can also be very kind and affectionate to other people. However, they can be extremely negative at times and become nervous when there is a big challenge.

Career and Income Horoscope in 2010 for Pisces
Piscean 2010 yearly horoscope will force people born under this sign to adjust their lifestyle. Workplace feuds and arguments are likely during the course of the year. Income generating ability may also go down as the year progresses, while the expense side of the budget may spiral out of control. However, the middle parts of the year may help you to recuperate to certain extent, especially on the career side. Not everything is a bed of thorns for Pisceans. The fag end of the year will help Pisceans to bounce back with renewed energy. It is possible to lay a strong foundation for next year, when Pisceans apply their mind and intelligence.

Love, Family and Social life Horoscope in 2010 for Pisces
One positive aspect of the 2010 Piscean yearly horoscope is in the marriage life. Pisceans are likely to enjoy their love and married life largely throughout the year. Family life is one sweet event for them; relationship with children will be very good, while people who are trying to marry their lovers will find the year to be the best one of their life. Pisceans are devoted family members. Children and spouse will be the best sources of inspiration and encouragement. However, the third quarter of the year may see a minor scuffle between opposite members due to some trifle reasons. Mending the fences seems to be the best solution before the situation becomes very serious. Pisceans may need to control their anger and bitterness, so that no damage occurs to the solid relationship. Never ever, try to dominate your family members. Domestic life during the year is a delicate mixture of good and the bad.

Education and Traveling Horoscope in 2010 for Pisces
Students, engineers, scholars, academicians, teachers and researchers find the New Year to be an exciting one. The 2010 Piscean yearly horoscope seems to be very satisfying for Pisceans students, as they will do extremely well in their studies and exams. Scholars may publish their research in international journals of repute. Scholars who do research in technology related fields might also do very well in their work. Most Piscean students may find an opportunity to travel to overseas countries for research purposes.

Health Horoscope in 2010 for Pisces
While the career aspects of the 2010 yearly Pisces horoscope are bad, most Pisceans may enjoy very good health throughout the year. Pisceans will not face any health related problems in the first half of the year. However, the third and fourth quarters of the year will cause minor health complications to many Pisceans. Most common ailments could be bouts of flu, stomach upsets, back pain, joint pain and sever headaches.

Moon Dives Into Pisces

moon003The individualistic Aquarius Moon joins the second of the three superconjunctions between auspicious Jupiter, dreamy Neptune and healer Chiron. We may reconsider long-term plans that we thought about in May when these three planets first joined. However, it may take until the end of the year for our current opportunities to reach fruition. The Moon’s dive into watery Pisces at 11:43 pm EDT softens the focus on our intellectual lens.

Aries: You often push the envelope when you become excited about what you are doing. But now your enthusiasm might be less about what you do than what you say. Although you could be slow to discuss your ideas for fear of rejection, once you start talking it may be tough for you to stop. Don’t overplay your hand. Share what’s most important and then be quiet.

Taurus: Your career goals may simultaneously seem closer than ever and yet still far away. On one hand, the most unrealistic goals are within reach. You can dream the impossible dream and set out with your legendary determination to make it real. On the other hand, you can get complacent if you fool yourself by believing your destination is close. Be smart and use some common sense when defining what success means to you.

Gemini: This could be a wise time to revisit old plans you may have had to go back to school. However, it’s best if you want to study a subject that opens your mind to new ideas and expands your perspective beyond your normal view. Planning a journey is possible now, too, for this can be a learning experience, assuming you will take the time to educate yourself about your destination. Either way, no immediate action is required; give your ideas time to germinate and grow.

Cancer: It’s surely much safer if you keep your desires for increased emotional intensity to yourself. Unfortunately, without taking a chance it’s unlikely that you will be able to achieve the intimacy you want with someone else. Showing your vulnerability is never an easy thing to do, but now the benefits outweigh the risks.

Leo: You may try to logically create a framework in order to better understand a relationship that continues to be confusing to you. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to break out of your old and familiar patterns because an analytical approach keeps bringing you around to the same unsatisfying place. Let go of your desire to know any truth other than what’s in your heart.

Virgo: You have a rare opportunity to positively impact your well-being by changing your attitude now. The Moon’s current visit to conceptual Aquarius and your 6th House of Health can focus your energy toward self-improvement. The power of positive thinking is not just a clever catchphrase today; it’s your key to a happier and healthier life.

Libra: You could fall in love today and yet your feelings may have little to do with the people in your life. You are more open to the idea of romance, whether or not you are willing to express your desires. Since a current attraction might be the result of your daydreams, you don’t really require anyone to act out your fantasy. If no one shows up, just enjoy the fruits of your imagination.

Scorpio: You may have an idea of how a scenario at home will play out over the months ahead, especially if your long-term goals have been under scrutiny recently. But it’s difficult to know what to do because the specifics of your future are still elusive. Instead of trying to make up your mind now so you can get on with making plans, give yourself permission to dream without pushing to make them real.

Sagittarius: Communication can be frustrating today if you want answers. You may be required to process a lot of information now, but it could seem to lack any substance. Normally you are comfortable staying in the realm of abstract ideas, for you are a natural philosopher. Nevertheless, you have an incredible opportunity if you are willing to take what you know and set a concrete goal. Making a commitment to your own success will have positive consequences.

Capricorn: Your sense of self-esteem can be blown out of proportion now as others encourage you to reach for your dreams. Naturally, self-confidence is a great attribute to possess, but too much of it can put off those who might otherwise be your best allies. Tempering grandiose ideas with a bit of modesty can be your smartest move. Having a healthy perspective on your life is a worthy goal and can make the difference between success and failure.

Aquarius: You may need to reconsider what you can deliver today, for you might have promised someone too much. You didn’t mean to mislead anyone; it’s just that everything seems to take longer than you imagine. You may be tempted to just give up, but try not to overreact. Take a deep breath, reevaluate what you can accomplish and let others know what they can expect from you now.

Pisces: It’s hard to control your dreams, for they seem to overflow right into your waking life, making things even more confusing than they already are. But don’t try to justify yourself to anyone today. If you aren’t sure how to handle a situation, pull back a bit until you know what to do. Temporarily retreating is wiser now than pretending that you can tell where your fantasies end and reality begins.

Our Expectations Extraordinarily High

astrology008The conceptual Aquarius Moon shapes the first part of our day and her alignment with the visionary Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter superconjunction can motivate us to set our expectations extraordinarily high. The Moon’s entry into compassionate Pisces at 5:32 pm EDT shifts our perceptual framework from an intellectual to an emotional one. But it’s logical Mercury’s late night entry into jittery Gemini that gets us thinking about how to put it all together.
Aries: Your intuition is right on target, as it is a fortunate and imaginative day. Expect good news and useful info from friends. While the Moon activates your psychic faculties, you should look below the surface. Make sure you get plenty of sleep tonight. as you may be low on energy tomorrow. Auspicious colours are lavender and midnight blue. Lucky numbers are 3 and 21.

Taurus: The planetary powers are working hard for you in the public sphere, so your career should take a leap forward. This could be through the way your own personal magnetism draws in foreigners and artists, or because you get lucky whilst travelling. It is a good day for getting things done and working with authority figures. Expect some excellent news and a bit of good luck for a change! Beneficial colours are cobalt blue and neon red. Lucky numbers are 11 and 15.

Gemini: Enjoy your luck, as the Moon dances with fortunate Jupiter and imaginative Neptune in your ninth house of the higher mind. Make friends with people who are a bit out of your usual sphere. It will be worth the effort to try something different or travel somewhere new. Experience the cuisine and art of neighbouring towns and cities for an illuminating experience. Religious, spiritual and educational opportunities are expanded. Beneficial colours are light blue and dove grey. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.

Cancer: The mysterious Moon in your eighth house of sex, money and power is in fortunate conjunction with generous Jupiter and intuitive Neptune. If you are in a loving intimate relationship, this is a wonderful time to increase closeness. Show you care by serving the one you love. Beneficial colours are shimmering green and regal purple. Lucky numbers are 9 and 18.

Leo: Your most vital relationships are energised and fortunate today, Leo. Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground, as your primary competitors are energised too! Use this power positively by working with your partner or spouse. There’s a nice, lucky energy floating around you. Auspicious colours are bright gold and misty blue. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.

Virgo: Be especially conscientious today, Virgo, as the planetary energies could pay off for you. Take good care of yourself so you can be more efficient in your work; there is much satisfaction in good health and competence. This is also a good time to tend to your pets and your house plants. If you haven’t been fertilizing your greenery, plan to this afternoon. Advantageous colours are soft coral and carnation pink. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.

Libra: Your creative energy is increased in your fifth house of romance,children and speculation today. If you’ve been stumped or suffering writer’s block, inspiration is on the way. Make time in your busy schedule for play this afternoon. There could be a big win for you, in love, or in money. A little risk-taking is in order. If you have kids, you’ll find them fascinating. Fortunate colours are chrome yellow and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 5 and 17.

Scorpio: A fortunate energy surrounds your home and family, sending you on a trip down memory lane. Go ahead and indulge in all your old favourites. Put a copy of StarWars, Lord of the Rings or Grease on the DVD instead of watching the newscast on television tonight. Escape into the past for a while. However, if you have been considering starting a new venture, today is just the day! Fortunate colours are lilac and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 4 and 7.

Sagittarius: As the Moon dances with fortunate Jupiter, you’ll get good news in your neighbourhood. Siblings may drop in for a chat and this is a good time to express yourself. Luck is on your side and putting your feelings out there on a blog, or a forum will help you put everything into perspective. Advantageous colours are royal purple and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 3 and 24.

Capricorn: The Moon in your second house of personal finances, helps you to get back in touch with your material needs. It seems that the more you give to the Universe, the more you receive, so do not doubt your personal security. Today is fortunate for you, so long as you do not overspend. Everything will work out for you. Have faith. Beneficial colours are pale yellow and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.

Aquarius: It’s a truly excellent day as the Moon kisses Jupiter in your sign. Your emotional energy is restored and others notice your rosy glow; expect to get more attention than usual. You’ll have extra charm and magnetism, so ask for what you want now. Favourable colours are warm brown and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 1 and 5.

Pisces: Sensitive Fish will be blessed today, as hidden benefits emerge. The Moon dances with your life-rulers Jupiter and Neptune in your twelfth house for most of the day, bringing excitement and energy, along with increased psychic power. Tonight your emotional energy is restored as the Moon enters your sign. Fortunate colours are purple sage and sea green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.

Venus Hooks Up With Pluto

astrology006The fiery Aries Moon is totally pumped up today, for it joins energetic Mars to align our actions with our feelings. Additionally, quicksilver Mercury creates an exciting sextile with out-of-the-box Uranus, spicing the day with interesting conversations, unexpected wit and clever repartee. But something else is pulling us into weird places now as sexy Venus hooks up with passionate Pluto in a complex septile that defies rational understanding.

Aries: You need to be on guard today against your own tendency to respond too quickly when someone interacts with you. Your intensity might be mistaken for anger, but then again, you could actually be angry and not even know it. Either way, take a few deep breaths to check in with your inner world before unconsciously spewing your unresolved emotions onto friends and family.

Taurus: You may wake up from one of those really strange dreams where everything appears so vivid, yet it seems to make no sense, however you try to interpret it. If you are reminded of the nonsensical symbols during the day when something odd happens, it instantaneously brings the entire sequence back into awareness. Don’t try to force meaning onto the mysterious messages from your subconscious. They will work their magic if you simply remember them.

Gemini: Your key planet Mercury is stimulated today by erratic Uranus, challenging you to find an even pace to your day. Thoughts and activities come in spurts; you’re busy one moment and then nothing’s happening the next. Nevertheless, you might not have a problem with this kind of energetic flow because you believe there’s a satisfying surprise for you lurking just beyond the horizon.

Cancer: Others may see you as playing the role of a mother hen, but that’s just because you know what to do and are annoyed that no one else seems to have a clue today. You are willing to jump right in and help, but first it’s wise to make sure that everyone really wants your assistance. If you act out of obligation, your good deeds will only be seen as meddling. But if you act out of love, your presence can be a healing force.

Leo: Today you may find yourself dealing with an unresolved issue at work that already crossed your desk once before in the past week or two. You might be irritated that this pesky situation has resurfaced, but rest assured that it’s a blessing in disguise. Take this second chance to reconsider your previous actions. If, however, you cannot change your plans, they still may need a bit of revision later on.

Virgo: Your key planet Mercury is wired for sound today as its sextile to ingenious Uranus fills your head with the freeing music of radical thoughts. It’s difficult for you to sing along on a traditional song; you’d rather go it alone so you can make up something new and different. Don’t compromise for the sake of maintaining harmony. If a group needs to fall apart; let it. Your relationships with others will be reestablished on a much firmer footing after you have some time on your own.

Libra: Your key planet Venus is in touch with strange tales from the shadows of Pluto’s underworld today, but it’s difficult to know what to do with your stories. The best of your recent experiences may not be appropriate for sharing in all social circumstances. Before you start telling tales consider your audience to make sure that you’re not opening your mouth and inserting your foot.

Scorpio: The Moon aligns with your traditional ruling planet warrior Mars in your 6th House of Work, suggesting that you might need to lose your temper in order to establish or reestablish an important boundary. It may be difficult to know when your job is finished, because you are not following a play-by-play instruction book. Take your time and remember that it’s harder to end an old pattern than it is to start a new one.

Sagittarius: Hope may have been the guiding factor for you recently, but you’re entering a phase where the present moment is more significant than any future possibility. Nevertheless, your utopian dreams don’t need to be shelved; they just need to be moved into the here and now. Instead of compartmentalizing everything, it’s crucial now to keep your life from becoming overly complex.

Capricorn: You might not need to follow all the rules to the letter today since it feels as if you are answering to a higher authority. This is not cosmic permission to perpetuate destructive or reckless behavior; it’s just an invitation to be wickedly ingenious. No matter what you do now, remember that it’s still not a good idea to get caught.

Aquarius: Quick-footed Mercury is zapped by your ruling planet Uranus, the Awakener. There’s no reason to attempt to control this thrilling joyride for the mind. Just fasten your seat belt and let your thoughts take you wherever they will. Although it may feel as if nothing useful will come from this exciting little junket, you could return with an altered perspective that can help you deal with a situation that’s in your real life.

Pisces: It’s challenging for you to make choices today, for reality is peppered with ideas and concepts that have leaked through from your imagination. The bad news is that you may not be able to distinguish the truth from fiction. The good news is that this overflow from your dreams surely makes your life more interesting. Don’t force an issue now; if possible wait until tomorrow to decide.

We may Feel Uneasy

astrology005The Aries Moon ushers in a day filled with variety as the Sun enters restless Gemini to begin the new astrological month. But we may feel uneasy for another reason as friendly Venus forms an irritating quincunx with austere Saturn. We are uncertain about expressing our feelings for fear of reprimand. Meanwhile, our imaginations run wild as mental Mercury dynamically squares the approaching triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Sometimes you have to speak first, even if someone else has the floor or otherwise thinks they own the conversation. Your energy demands action, and it’s up to you to make it happen quickly.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Someone is frustrated with you, but they are the ones who are wrong this time. You are doing things your way (that is, the right way) and they need to have a little patience if they want it done right.

Gemini (May 21 -June 21): There may be a few too many large personalities in your family or work group for anything to get done today, unless you take the initiative and ensure that everyone works for the common good.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22): You may offend someone in a fit of passion, but you can walk it back pretty quickly if you think it’s important enough. Don’t hold back, that only guarantees an explosion later on!

Leo (July 23 – August 22): You can have fun clipping your nails or filling out online forms, your energy is so good! It’s one of those days when you ought to be able to take care of all sorts of backlogged tasks and errands.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Try not to let your coworkers or neighbors mooch too much off of you today, you need to marshal your resources much more carefully! You can go back to being everyone’s helper in a few days.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Even if you’re in the middle of a really intense fling, you need to pull yourself away from romance temporarily today, or integrate it into the rest of your life. You’ve got too much going on to neglect!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): You should try to get your friends to join in your latest cause, whatever that may be. Even if you have to go it alone, you feel that this is something that has to happen for the greater good.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Your new ideas are hotter and hotter today, so much so that you may have to blow off some old projects to get blazing on the new ones! Your creative side is all-powerful when it takes over.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): You need to rearrange your schedule somewhat, if you can’t see why right now, it becomes clear shortly. It’s a great day to ask for a rain check or to postpone inessential appointments.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Push the boundaries of your latest project, you need to really get out there if you want to get noticed! The good news is that you can maintain a certain level of accessability no matter what.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Life is better for you if you hide out for a bit, preferably in plain sight! All you need to do is bury yourself in work, or in a role that very few people take notice of. You should learn a lot!

The Power of Words is Strengthened

astrology004The intuitive Pisces Moon tricks us into believing that we can bypass language and experience the meaning of life directly. It seems as if we don’t need to think or speak in order to feel connected to what’s happening. But the power of words is strengthened as rational Mercury joins the Sun in steadfast Taurus today. We may not have lots of clever thoughts to bandy about now, but the few we do have align us with what we know we must do.

Aries: You can express your core beliefs today in a refreshingly direct manner, without holding back anything that is important to you. Sometimes, other people don’t agree with your perspective and you are quite willing to discuss your differences. Now, however, you are so in tune with what you are doing that once you announce your position, there’s no need to talk about it more unless you wish to do so.

Taurus: You tend to oversimplify things today and this can create problems, especially if someone else believes that what you said completely describes a situation. There is more going on than meets the eye. Be careful, for a little misunderstanding over a missing piece of information can turn an easy discussion upside down. It will be much harder to untangle it than it is to prevent it.

Gemini: It’s not easy for you when your message is lost in the bright light of the Sun. You may be thinking quite clearly now, but even the most intense thoughts can be obliterated, sunburned by the solar radiation, as Mercury disappears into the light when moving between the Earth and the Sun. Be satisfied with what you know but don’t try to convince anyone else today.

Cancer: Your social life might be overly simplistic in your mind today as the plodding Taurus Mercury-Sun conjunction grinds your thoughts to a standstill. The Moon must stand up to authoritative Saturn, so gather your courage and acknowledge the power of your heart. Don’t worry if others want you to get involved with the group dynamics; only join in if it feels comfortable to you.

Leo: Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun fires up your mind and makes you eager to hear others talk about where they are going in life. Listening to people describe their career goals can, in turn, help to clarify yours. Your mind is bubbling over with sensible ideas, making this a great time to initiate action. Don’t wait to receive an okay about any decisions you need to make before you start.

Virgo: If you are fantasizing about doing something that will take you far from home, consider pulling out all the stops and dream it as large as you can. Think about splurging on an airline ticket and heading off on a great adventure or imagine that you are a student and have an opportunity to study something totally different. It may be difficult to transform your thoughts into reality, but simply knowing that Mercury is retrograde can begin to turn things around again.

Libra: You want to do the right thing, but may be challenged to figure out what that should be today. The easy part — with the Moon in emotional Pisces — is to remember that being compassionate goes a long way to salve any memories of being hurt. Paradoxically, by talking about the details of your past, you can open your heart to others.

Scorpio: The Mercury-Sun conjunction is in your 7th House of Partnerships, smoothing ruffled feathers in most of your interactions throughout the day. Still, you may become annoyed if you discover that someone has already made a decision about whom you can and cannot talk with today. Stand up for your rights, but don’t go overboard in the process.

Sagittarius: Although it’s back to work for most people today, you have a higher level of stress now as you attempt to complete unfinished business from last week. It’s not that there is necessarily so much left over to do; it’s just that you can be overly methodical now and might have a hard time broadening your perspective enough to move past the immediate circumstances. Step outside and get some fresh air if you need to clear your head.

Capricorn: You feel satisfied when you have enough safety and security so that you don’t need to worry about the basics. This can free you up to have more magical connections with others, since you won’t have to constantly focus on those things you must have for survival. Go ahead and take a chance by doing something that you’ve never done before. And don’t bother looking for instructions; just apply your psychic powers and proceed with caution.

Aquarius: It’s hard to break out of your own rigidity now as your need for family connections conflicts with your higher spiritual calling. The problem is that if you only listen to the needs of others, you might be left high and dry with unfulfilled emotional desires. Bring balance into your life by encouraging both the personal and humanitarian aspects of your world to continue to develop.

Pisces: Although you might want to believe that all is well, you aren’t shocked today when you run into an insurmountable obstacle. But you aren’t willing to take no for an answer and can work extra hard to overcome any problems that now surface. Unfortunately, sheer determination may not be enough to bring success. Consider easing up on your timetable or changing your agenda. Being flexible can be your secret weapon, so don’t be afraid to use it.