Venus Forms a Superconductive Trine

venus002Although we are now moving away from the contradictions of yesterday’s Full Moon, the cosmic energies are still quite intense. Venus the Lover forms a superconductive trine with Pluto the Transformer as sweet romanticism morphs into intense passion. Meanwhile, the Moon enters serious Capricorn at 3:59 pm EDT and conjoins ruthless Pluto a few hours later. No longer are we dreaming of an idyllic future; we are emotionally engaged and playing for keeps.

Aries: Your intuition tells you that it’s a good idea to follow your feelings today, even if they lead you into unknown territory. You may be uncomfortable with the idea of giving up some of your freedom, yet this may be a small price to pay for establishing a special connection with a powerful person. Keep in mind that consciously limiting your options to get something in return can actually feel good in the long run.

Taurus: Being happy isn’t only about feeling good today; it’s also about aligning your emotions with a higher purpose. Luckily, it’s easier to accomplish your goals now that your head and your heart are in tune with each other. You know what you must do to attract wealth and to express love, so don’t let uncertainty limit your options. Dream big and be ready to go for the gold.

Gemini: Slowing down enough to sink into your emotions can be a challenge, especially if you are afraid of your own shadow. Once you allow the noise of the day to fall away, you might be pulled into the dark recesses of your imagination where clever words are no longer sufficient to bring you back into the light. If, however, you have the courage to wait it out, negativity will fade and you will return with treasures from your journey within.

Cancer: You are more than ready to handle the intensity of someone else’s fears today because you have already faced your own inner demons. It’s not that you have all the answers; it’s just that you are now willing to bear witness to the process of others without feeling threatened yourself. But don’t underestimate the commitment that is required; this is serious work and your compassion will not go unnoticed.

Leo: It might be hard to find the uplifting needle in a haystack of doom and gloom today, but your search will probably uncover important realizations that can change your day for the better. You are learning a lot about maintaining your own emotional health now, yet what you discover may not be what you expect. This isn’t an easy journey, but digging beneath the surface changes your perspective and gives you a whole new point of view.

Virgo: Your emotional strength is returning and even the most challenging obstacle in your path won’t likely slow you down very much today. Naturally, you will have to concentrate your efforts on any serious issue that arises, but you’ll probably do so with a positive attitude. Luckily, this isn’t about being a Pollyanna; in fact, it’s your unwavering critical thinking that enables you to see through the camouflage and effectively cut to the chase.

Libra: As hard as you try to avoid it, you still might be pulled into a complex emotional drama that raises an old issue for you. Fortunately, the present circumstances are not very threatening, yet they could remind you of a previous power struggle when you weren’t in control of your feelings. Don’t look back, for your history elicits fear and tempts you to limit your current options. Instead, consider the future possibilities; whatever you put your mind to now has the potential of becoming real.

Scorpio: Today your power comes from your magical ability to undergo metamorphosis. You are like the legendary Phoenix, arising from the ashes as the Moon joins your key planet Pluto and harmonizes with magnetic Venus. Others might be fearful of such dramatic change, but you know the futility of resisting these waves of evolution. Going with the emotional flow now is not a sign of weakness; it’s your greatest strength.

Sagittarius: Although you can argue about the veracity of a fact, it’s pointless today to do battle over a difference of opinion. Understanding your beliefs, however, allows you to keep them separate from the hard facts. This important distinction is helpful now, and minimizes your chance of getting into a disagreement over a topic where there can never be a clear winner.

Capricorn: The ambitious Capricorn Moon conjoins relentless Pluto today in your 1st House of Physicality. It’s not likely that you’ll be sweet-talked into giving up your position, yet you could perform a bit of gentle persuasion yourself. You may be overly stubborn now, even narrowly rigid in your actions, but it’s because you feel like you have so much to lose. Instead of trying to protect yourself, go out and do something creative in order to mix up the energy.

Aquarius: Anything you keep to yourself now can carry even more weight than something you reveal. But this is not a call to tell everything to everybody; there are many things that are best left unsaid. Just think through your own motives for sharing and then choose the best time to talk. If you have a purpose for expressing what’s in your heart, then your current communication will ideally bring an important feeling into the open.

Pisces: There’s no doubt about it; the sharpness of your practical analysis today pushes you to make an important decision about your feelings. But paradoxically, you might feel like you’re temporarily lost in the desert in search of an oasis. Even though you exhibit strength of purpose in your current choices, an uncharacteristic lack of emotional commitment can be problematic. Deciding with your head is not as long-lasting as relying on your heart.


Venus Hooks Up With Pluto

astrology006The fiery Aries Moon is totally pumped up today, for it joins energetic Mars to align our actions with our feelings. Additionally, quicksilver Mercury creates an exciting sextile with out-of-the-box Uranus, spicing the day with interesting conversations, unexpected wit and clever repartee. But something else is pulling us into weird places now as sexy Venus hooks up with passionate Pluto in a complex septile that defies rational understanding.

Aries: You need to be on guard today against your own tendency to respond too quickly when someone interacts with you. Your intensity might be mistaken for anger, but then again, you could actually be angry and not even know it. Either way, take a few deep breaths to check in with your inner world before unconsciously spewing your unresolved emotions onto friends and family.

Taurus: You may wake up from one of those really strange dreams where everything appears so vivid, yet it seems to make no sense, however you try to interpret it. If you are reminded of the nonsensical symbols during the day when something odd happens, it instantaneously brings the entire sequence back into awareness. Don’t try to force meaning onto the mysterious messages from your subconscious. They will work their magic if you simply remember them.

Gemini: Your key planet Mercury is stimulated today by erratic Uranus, challenging you to find an even pace to your day. Thoughts and activities come in spurts; you’re busy one moment and then nothing’s happening the next. Nevertheless, you might not have a problem with this kind of energetic flow because you believe there’s a satisfying surprise for you lurking just beyond the horizon.

Cancer: Others may see you as playing the role of a mother hen, but that’s just because you know what to do and are annoyed that no one else seems to have a clue today. You are willing to jump right in and help, but first it’s wise to make sure that everyone really wants your assistance. If you act out of obligation, your good deeds will only be seen as meddling. But if you act out of love, your presence can be a healing force.

Leo: Today you may find yourself dealing with an unresolved issue at work that already crossed your desk once before in the past week or two. You might be irritated that this pesky situation has resurfaced, but rest assured that it’s a blessing in disguise. Take this second chance to reconsider your previous actions. If, however, you cannot change your plans, they still may need a bit of revision later on.

Virgo: Your key planet Mercury is wired for sound today as its sextile to ingenious Uranus fills your head with the freeing music of radical thoughts. It’s difficult for you to sing along on a traditional song; you’d rather go it alone so you can make up something new and different. Don’t compromise for the sake of maintaining harmony. If a group needs to fall apart; let it. Your relationships with others will be reestablished on a much firmer footing after you have some time on your own.

Libra: Your key planet Venus is in touch with strange tales from the shadows of Pluto’s underworld today, but it’s difficult to know what to do with your stories. The best of your recent experiences may not be appropriate for sharing in all social circumstances. Before you start telling tales consider your audience to make sure that you’re not opening your mouth and inserting your foot.

Scorpio: The Moon aligns with your traditional ruling planet warrior Mars in your 6th House of Work, suggesting that you might need to lose your temper in order to establish or reestablish an important boundary. It may be difficult to know when your job is finished, because you are not following a play-by-play instruction book. Take your time and remember that it’s harder to end an old pattern than it is to start a new one.

Sagittarius: Hope may have been the guiding factor for you recently, but you’re entering a phase where the present moment is more significant than any future possibility. Nevertheless, your utopian dreams don’t need to be shelved; they just need to be moved into the here and now. Instead of compartmentalizing everything, it’s crucial now to keep your life from becoming overly complex.

Capricorn: You might not need to follow all the rules to the letter today since it feels as if you are answering to a higher authority. This is not cosmic permission to perpetuate destructive or reckless behavior; it’s just an invitation to be wickedly ingenious. No matter what you do now, remember that it’s still not a good idea to get caught.

Aquarius: Quick-footed Mercury is zapped by your ruling planet Uranus, the Awakener. There’s no reason to attempt to control this thrilling joyride for the mind. Just fasten your seat belt and let your thoughts take you wherever they will. Although it may feel as if nothing useful will come from this exciting little junket, you could return with an altered perspective that can help you deal with a situation that’s in your real life.

Pisces: It’s challenging for you to make choices today, for reality is peppered with ideas and concepts that have leaked through from your imagination. The bad news is that you may not be able to distinguish the truth from fiction. The good news is that this overflow from your dreams surely makes your life more interesting. Don’t force an issue now; if possible wait until tomorrow to decide.

Be Careful of Intense Reactions

manhattanfullmoon001The Scorpio Moon sets the stage for intense reactions to affect what happens in our interactions with others. The Sun in placid Taurus forms a hard aspect with Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto, disturbing the easy flow of energy between us and those we love. We may even find ourselves engaged in an emotional power struggle as fear of losing control grows to a crescendo with the Scorpio Full Moon occurring at 12:01 am EDT tomorrow morning.

Intense Possibilities
This week, we have a Full Moon happening in the intense sign of Scorpio. Full Moons are known for offering us the chance to launch the plans we made during the New Moon (which was last in Taurus) and achieve our goals. But every Full Moon is different. What does Full Moon in Scorpio have in store for us?

New Moons are the time to make wishes, set intentions and make your goals clear. Full Moons offer the chance to bring these dreams into reality, and with this one in Scorpio, you have the extra push of an extremely forceful sign — the sign of the Scorpion is known as being among the most passionate in the zodiac. It’s also a sign that embraces both sensuality and death — after all, its ruling planet is Pluto, the planet of the underworld.

So how can you put your plans into action? First, connect yourself with Scorpio’s key element — Water. Whether you’re near an ocean, lake, stream, pond or creek, take a long hard look at what you think you want to accomplish. One of Scorpio’s key characteristics is honesty. Pluto tends to show the shadowy underbelly of our desires, so make sure your intentions are pure. Once you’re certain, take a moment to meditate and visualize what you want to achieve. The Full Moon will help you to see the reality behind your desires.
Luckily, the Full Moon in Scorpio also throws back illusion and even invites us to feel a better sense of harmony. It gives us less tolerance for bad influence and ignorance, so make an effort to get over past hurts and too much of a focus on yourself. You have a higher purpose now — whether it’s related to school, work, love, art — and now is the time to tap into the Full Moon in Scorpio energy to realize it!